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ETN Block B Fan Signing 110830 [ENGLISH SUBS]


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2NE1’s Not Ugly Campaign – It’s A Beautiful Thing

Let’s admit it – there is no such thing as an ugly K-Pop idol. Even after they just wake up, idols look good, despite the fact that they think they look terrible. Remember Mir being woken up on Idol Army? Everyone in MBLAQ got a surprise wake-up call (I would be surprised too if someone was trying to shove a corndog in my face while I was asleep!), but Mir’s reaction at 0:29 was by far the funniest. Two words: “No makeup!!!!!”


Seungri # 12, T.O.P. #1 in stars with 2% of imperfections ranking

Super stars also have 2% of imperfections?

On 23rd, Mnet ,’ Wide Entertainment’ has revealed the ranking of the superstars who also have 2% of imperfections.

#12 Seungri
The maknae of Big Bang has completed his solo activties well and  established Seungri Academey for vocal and dancing training recently. He can be said to be a successful singer and a good performer in the entertainment industry.

Park Myung Soo claims that G-Dragon’s fan base has gotten broader thanks to him

Comedian Park Myung Soo appeared on the MBC Variety Show “Come to Play” on the 29th and claimed that G-Dragon’s fan base has gotten broader thanks to him.

Park Myung Soo along with the comedians from his own agency Yoo Sang Yeob and Kim Kyung Jin appeared on the MBC Variety Show “Come to Play” in their “Hong – Park’s Unfortunate Kids” special and once again demonstrated his brutal honesty.

During the later part of the show, as part of the “Ranked As I Please” corner, He was asked to list 3 celebrities that ended up being successful after meeting with Park Myung Soo.

Eight actresses’ pictures from the past: “They are all born beautiful”

On the 22nd, a collage of several actresses’ high school pictures is uploaded on an online community board.

This posting has Oh Youn Soo, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Hyun Joo, Song Ji Hyo, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, Jo Yeo Jung, and Son Ye Jin with the caption, “I’ve seen many actresses who are not confident with their pictures during high school, but these actresses show their natural beauties from birth.”

The collage showed younger and beautiful images of the actresses.

Netizens comment: “I can’t rank them. They’re all beautiful.” “They are pretty now but even prettier in the past.”

Source: NTN from Yahoo

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Yang Hyun Suk opens up about why he’s participating as a judge on ‘KPOP STAR’

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk revealed some background information behind his decision to participate as a judge on SBS’s upcoming talent show, ‘KPOP STAR‘.

On August 28th, Yang Hyun Suk met with reporters after 2NE1’s concert and said, “The public’s interest in audition programs is huge. However, once stars leave the program, they aren’t able to make a noteworthy impact. I felt regretful that they couldn’t easily appear on music programs or expand their talents. That is why I decided to participate as a judge“.


GD&TOP And Seungri’s Performance Schedule at 2011 Singapore F1


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Kim Goo Ra sent a warning message to G-Dragon?

The comedian Kim Goo Ra caught the attention of the audience by sending a warning message to the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon.

On the episode of MBC ‘Quizzes to change the world’ which was aired on 27th, Kim Goo Ra who has not appeared in a TV programme for a long time talked about the golden era of  Sung Dae Hyun. (a singer of the rave music group, R.ef which was active in 1990’s)

YGE, “Daesung does not have any activities planned for the rest of this year”

With the case now dismissed, many fans began vocalizing their wish to see Daesung reunite with his groupmates for promotions. However, YG Entertainment has firmly stated that Daesung will not be returning to the fold for the rest of the year.

On August 29th, YG Entertainment stated, “Regardless of his ‘not guilty’ verdict, Daesung does not have any activities planned for the rest of this year. Instead, Daesung will continue focusing on going to church.” Daesung has been attending church regularly to focus on his religious life due to the severe distress and heartache he suffered from the situation.

From Star News
Translated by allkpop

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Block B 1st Japanese Live Showcase ‘Do U Wanna B?’


Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow [DOWNLOAD] + Lyrics

[AUDIO] Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow [DOWNLOAD]

[LYRICS] Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow

What I earned after failing twice
Isn’t breakdown but the refusal to give in, perseverance, poison, and determination
Every day, I go through hard-training
Time is tickin’
I listen every day, rehearse and rehearse
“Entered Soulflow! I’ll set it all on fire!”
My first goal, my first roar
So that all of my efforts won’t be wasted, won’t be bent
Even if obstacles come my way, I’ll keep looking forward
I’ll keep running, speeding up, accelerating every time
My family Soulflow, microphone, and rhyme notes
I’m stubborn with my route, my heart’s already beating
I’ve advanced, I am advancing, I’m going to do it, I’ll fight and improve
You have to change everything in order to fly
If you try to trick me, I’ll tell you to “shut your mouth”
I’m not going to let go of this opportunity
I’m going to try my best every day and keep pushing forward



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Block B Comeback updates

[CHO PD] 2. I’m really busy. Block B’s new song is daebak. When they make their comeback, we will be in pursuit of perfection.

[CHO PD] 3. As for my album, I’ll be promoting it for a short period but strongly with Taeil after we come back from Japan.





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Running Man warns against possible kidnapping dangers from staff imposters

Netizens were abuzz with excitement when pictures were leaked from a purported filming of SBS’s popular variety show, ‘Running Man‘. According to the pictures, the show was filming in Changwon with guests G-Dragon and T.O.P.

The rumors were quickly debunked as a hoax, however, by various cast members and staff. “We have never filmed in Changwon,” said Jo Hyo Jin, a PD for the program. “We don’t have any plans of the sort until October.”

Daesung’s Case Dismissed, Ruled Not Guilty

Big Bang’s Daesung has received a verdict of ‘not guilty’ in his court case regarding his car accident on May 31st.

After reviewing the case, prosecutors decided that there wasn’t enough hard evidence to determine whether or not the motorcyclist Hyun had been alive or deceased before Daesung ran him over with his vehicle. Also, they did not rule out the possibility that the motorcyclist, who was under the influence upon the time of his death, could’ve died from the initial collision with a streetlight.

Park Myung Soo, “GD, let’s perform again this winter”

G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo reunited as Team GG at 2NE1’s concert where they performed, “Having An Affair”, with Park Bom.

Wearing black and white costumes, they delivered an exciting performance for 4000 fans. Together with Park Bom, who was in a mini black dress, their performance hyped up the atmosphere at the concert.


Rookie boy group changes their name due to VIPs’ opposition

The 5-member rookie group changed their group name to ‘BOYZ’ before their debut.

The members of the group are Enoch, Noah, Yudam, Junwon and Haru. Before they debut, they changed their name from ‘VIP’ to ‘BOYZ’.

Their agency explained the group has changed the name to ‘BOYZ’ although it was originally named ‘VIP’. It got the name because  the members are known by it on the internet. However, since it is the same as the name of the Big Bang’s fans, they have faced  a lot of opposition from Big Bang’s fan club. Therefore, they finally decided to change it to ‘BOYZ’



Source:  Newsen
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com

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Block B Twitter Compilation 11/08/26-28

[ZICO] Sigh..

[ZICO] Although I wanted to buy the Lonely Island album, I didn’t get a chance too.. keke I’ll listen to it well.., http://yfrog.com/gz2t8glcj

[ZICO] And they sing~~~ In doing it in a rouge kind of style will probably be good for the finalized version.! http://yfrog.com/kfxuocfj

[U-KWON] Summer again?

[JAEHYO] In 2008, I had nothing but a carrier when I went to Seoul without a plan. I lived out of a bath house and spent my days rehearsing and falling asleep while listening to my mp3. Someone then stole my mp3 keke so I had to beg my parents to get me my own place. I’m walking by my first place now.. I feel nostalgic and weird keke. I wonder who lives in it?

[JAEHYO] At fan signings, fans always ask me if I’m mad or to talk more.. but my personality normally doesn’t talk a lot T I’ll work hard to become brighter next time!

[ZICO TO HANHAE] Your profile picture looks yummy

[U-KWON] Cold sore…I really don’t like Albochil though (it’s a medicine for cold sores)

[ZICO] Today’s work is up to hereeee..

[ZICO] I’m not sure if the taxi driver knew my occupation, but he said to me, “Make lots of money! Bye!” when I got out ㅋ!



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Weekly Idol Ranks Taeyang as #1 “Lord of the Dance”



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GD&TOP to guest on Running Man?

No confirmationyet from SBS or YG. We will update when an article/the schedule is released.



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GD&TOP and Seungri to attend Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia

Update from Galaxy and the official Facebook page of KMW in Malaysia:


Netizens on Seungri’s old audition video, “Who are you?”

The episode of  Mnet  ‘Superstar K3’ which was aired on 26th started with the story of  a judge, Kim Wan Sun. She told us about her judging experience in an audition programme, ‘Battle Shinwa’ in 2005.

She said, ‘ the nature of “Superstar K3’ is as same as that of ‘Battle Shinwa’. My friends, like G.NA, Brown Eyes Girls’Gain and Seungri of Big Bang all have participated in this programme before. ‘

See Big Bang in 3-D at SBS ‘K-POP Zone [NEWS]

SBS will launch a ‘K-POP Zone’ for fans to see the Hallyu stars in 3-D. They will also be able to play games related to the idols. The piece of news has drawn the interest of the overseas fans.
On the coming 31st, the SBS content , a part of the event of BROADCAST WORLDWIDE’  (organized by The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) will launch a ‘K-POP Zone’. When the plan was revealed, attention from the showbiz industry has been attracted.

Block B Twitter Compilation [11/08/25-26]

[KYUNG] It’s fun working with Taeul hyung. I think working with someone who matches so well with you helps increase your skills too.

[U-KWON] I’m not sad, who said I’m sad kekeke

[U-KWON] Sweet morning ?ke

[ZICO] Steve Jobs looks cool even while resigning….http://yfrog.com/kepwoctj

[JAEHYO] Filming Dream Team! Source is Ahnjaehyo.com Thanks for coming all the way to take pictures! http://twitpic.com/6b8skk

[B-BOMB] Bravely cut it off. http://twitpic.com/6b8ssl

[U-KWON] Falling behind, falling behind

[CHO PD] Thank you ^^ RT @y00n913: Block B’s Japanese showcase has completely sold out nationwide! The standing seats were out in 3 minutes!! Amazing~!!!

[KYUNG] The clean version of “Freeze!” where we changed the lyrics was banned? wooooo~~~~w

[U-KWON] Idol songs that children can’t listen to kekekeke




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[SCHEDULE] 11/08/29 ~ 11/09/04 Block B

August 29, 2011

August 30, 2011

August 31, 2011
– [OTHER] Philippines “Korean Culture Center Opening Hallyu Concert”

September 1, 2011
– [OTHER] Philippines “Korean Culture Center Opening Hallyu Concert”

September 2, 2011
– [BROADCAST] MTV The Show 7:30PM KST (8.23 Footage)

September 3, 2011
– [RECORDING] Mnet M Super Concert 8PM KST

September 4, 2011
– [BROADCAST] KBS Let’s Go Dream Team! (Jaehyo) 10:35AM KST (8.21 Footage)



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