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Saengil Chukkae G-Dragon Siiiiii…. ^__^

Fans Big Bang Merayakan Ultah G-Dragon di Twitter

penggemar Big Bang di seluruh dunia yang merayakan ulang tahun G-Dragon dengan mengirim salam mereka kepadanya melalui Twitter. Pada daftar tren di seluruh dunia, “Happy Birthday Kwon Jiyong” memuncak di #4, pada 1:42AM KST.


110817 Match Up Ep. 8 Kyung & P.O. – Strong


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

[UPDATED SCHEDULE] 11/08/15 ~ 11/08/21 (Block B)

August 15, 2011
– [BROADCAST] MTV Match Up 9 AM KST (Re-run)

August 16, 2011
– [BROADCAST] Mnet M Super Concert 8:30 PM KST (Recorded on 7/30)

August 17, 2011
– [PUB. BROAD.] TVN Junju Broadcast
– [BROADCAST] MBC Every1 Bokbulbok 2 12:10 AM KST

August 18, 2011 ** NEW **
– [BROADCAST] Mnet M! Countdown (ZICO) 6 PM KST (Live)

August 19, 2011
– [BROADCAST] KBS World ‘K-wave’ 7:30 PM KST
– [BROADCAST] Nickelodeon Dance Battle 8:30 PM KST (Recorded on 8/5)
– [BROADCAST] KBS Music Bank (ZICO) 6:05 PM KST ** NEW **

August 20, 2011
– [PUB. BROAD.] Daejun MBC 8:30 PM KST
– [FAN SIGNING] Daejun ‘Our Park’ 5 PM KST~ ** NEW **

August 21, 2011


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

[INTERVIEW] 10asia (P.O.)

My name is P.O. My real name is Pyo Jihoon. I am in charge of the endless charisma rap in Block B.  I was born on February 2nd, 1993. I’m currently attending Hanlim Entertainment and Arts High School.

Ever since my first year of junior high, I wanted to be a rapper. And in order to go to an arts school, I learned acting as a specialty. If the opportunity comes, I want to act too. But after going on more music programs!

During junior high, I caused…a lot of trouble. In high school, I went out a lot. My friends and I would come up with ideas and put up 15 minute-long skits on stage. Although we would spend 2 months without much sleep, it was something we wanted to do so it was fun.



My name is U-Kwon. My real name is Kim Yookwon. I’m in charge of dancing and being the smile representative in Block B. My birthday is April 9th, 1992 I was born in Ahnyang.

I have one older brother who is 6 years older than I am that looks exactly like me. After I made my debut, he was bitter. He asked me to help him become a celebrity. Haha. Not too long ago, it was his birthday (on August 9th), but he left for military training. Hyung, happy birthday!

I spent my high school days soldering and refining metal. I was in the electronics and machinery field of Ahnyang High School. I got compliments for being able to put LED right and solder well. Heuheuheu.



My stage name is B-Bomb, and my real name is Lee Minhyuk.  I’m Block B’s dancing machine.  I was born on December 4th, 1990, and I’m an only child.

That’s why I want to raise a… little sister? in our dorm.  A lot of people say that they fight with their younger sisters but I don’t understand that.  I think if I had a younger sister, I would do everything she wanted me to.  (Kyung: You have to raise her strong!  I’m going to give out the proper consequences!  If she does something wrong, I’ll hit her hand!  Jaehyo: I’ll never allow staying out all night!  P.O: I’m going to teach her how to do house work and Zico hyung will teach her about life.)  Then I’ll… teach her how to cook.

Ever since high school, I was just the kid that always danced.  I’d dance and hold battles with my friends after school and even took part in competitions.  When I first joined our current company, Jaehyo told me, “You can come here, let’s eat together.”  He took care of me well so I thought he had trained here for at least a year until I found out that he actually joined a day before me.


My name is Jaehyo, and my real name is Ahn Jaehyo.  I’m Block B’s sub-vocalist.  I was born on December 23rd, 1990, and I have a hyung two years older than me.  He’s currently taking a break, but he’s a law major at Sungkyunkwan University and likes Rainbow’s Woori senior.  He’s already served in the army so please find him a girlfriend~

At school, I think I was in the teacher’s room a lot more than my classroom.  I don’t know why, but my teachers tended to hate me.  I think it’s because I didn’t do my homework and went out with my friends instead of staying behind to study.

Since Busan is my hometown, I’m a Lotte Giants fan.  Unfortunately, none of the members watch baseball with me at the dorm so I’ll just watch it on my own through my laptop in the early morning.  I do sometimes tear up when I’m watching a particularly moving match.


My name is Park Kyung.  I’m the rapper and visual of Block B.  I was born on July 8th, 1992, and I have a nuna three years older than me and a brother four years younger than me. I’m the second-born, the one that has the best personality out of all three.  I have a good relationship with my nuna but I think she’s a bit upset lately because I haven’t been able to pay attention to her much since our debut.  My younger brother is a flute major; his skills have been recognized nationwide, and he’s a bit more handsome than I am.

I think I myself am a charm.  I think of myself as competitive and I’m full of confidence wherever I go.  (U-Kwon: Yes, it’s good.. to have confidence..  Jaehyo: I think every team needs a character like Kyung.)

I studied in the States during my first year of high school, and in New Zealand during my second and third year.  It wasn’t a lot of fun because of communication barriers.  The reason why I asked Jiho to let me audition for the company was because I wanted to go back to Korea.


My stage name is Taeil, and my real name is Lee Taeil.  I’m Block B’s main vocalist and I was born on September 24th, 1990.  I have a nuna two years older than me and a younger brother nine years younger than me.

I graduated from an all male high school, and I wasn’t a student that did anything eye-catching.  I was into music then so I’d leave after fourth period to go home and train.  When you’re training to become a celebrity, it’s hard to make friends, so I made the extra effort to become friends with the entire student body.

I’m the type that completely immerses myself into something I fall in love with.  I’ve always loved raising tropical fishes since I was little so I joined a club for it.  My aunt gave me two fishes to raise myself, which later turned into 7~800.  A trick to raising fishes well is to try not to touch them as much as possible.  You have to just leave them alone. (Zico: Fishes are kind of like us then, just leave them alone to grow on their own.)


My stage is Zico, and my real name is Woo Jiho.  I’m Block B’s big-shot leader.  I was born on September 14th, 1992 and studied music and the arts until my third year of high school in Japan.  One year in Japan, and one year in Korea, I went through my third year of high school twice.

My older brother of two years is Co-Ed’s Wisdom Taewoon.  I once trained with my hyung, but I didn’t want to debut in the same group as him.  My resemblance to him? (Jaehyo: Taewoon is nice and you’re not!)  Hyung has an easy-going personality whereas I’m a bit more tight with myself.  I don’t leave myself alone so people get nervous when I’m being still.

I’ve been friends with Kyungie since elementary school.  When we were little, I had no idea that we would be pursuing music together.  He was a nerd that only ever studied while I was one of the cool kids, haha! (Kyung: He was just a kid that did art, I was just a kid that studied.)

[INTERVIEW] 10asia (Block B)

They fill the studio in an instant moment.  There are seven of them, but it’s not the fact that the studio is too small.  It’s the energy they emit that makes the studio brim with their presence.  After they greet everyone in a booming tone, they stand before mirrors, fixing their clothes and conversing with one another as they prepare for their filming.  They don’t have that rookie shyness.  In place of it is a free-spirited energy that seems to be reaching its height until leader Zico calls them all in front of the camera to get rolling.  This is how Block B moves.

– Block B has already transcended the limits of an idol

It’s a market that’s so saturated, the number seven, the genre of hip hop, and the identity of idols themselves no longer have any merit.  It was amidst such a market that these boys emerged in April with their rough voices making a daring claim:  “Rap, dance, performance, I’ll show you what exceeds your expectations so believe in me.  We don’t need rehearsals.”