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Saengil Chukkae G-Dragon Siiiiii…. ^__^

Fans Big Bang Merayakan Ultah G-Dragon di Twitter

penggemar Big Bang di seluruh dunia yang merayakan ulang tahun G-Dragon dengan mengirim salam mereka kepadanya melalui Twitter. Pada daftar tren di seluruh dunia, “Happy Birthday Kwon Jiyong” memuncak di #4, pada 1:42AM KST.


110817 Match Up Ep. 8 Kyung & P.O. – Strong


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

[UPDATED SCHEDULE] 11/08/15 ~ 11/08/21 (Block B)

August 15, 2011
– [BROADCAST] MTV Match Up 9 AM KST (Re-run)

August 16, 2011
– [BROADCAST] Mnet M Super Concert 8:30 PM KST (Recorded on 7/30)

August 17, 2011
– [PUB. BROAD.] TVN Junju Broadcast
– [BROADCAST] MBC Every1 Bokbulbok 2 12:10 AM KST

August 18, 2011 ** NEW **
– [BROADCAST] Mnet M! Countdown (ZICO) 6 PM KST (Live)

August 19, 2011
– [BROADCAST] KBS World ‘K-wave’ 7:30 PM KST
– [BROADCAST] Nickelodeon Dance Battle 8:30 PM KST (Recorded on 8/5)
– [BROADCAST] KBS Music Bank (ZICO) 6:05 PM KST ** NEW **

August 20, 2011
– [PUB. BROAD.] Daejun MBC 8:30 PM KST
– [FAN SIGNING] Daejun ‘Our Park’ 5 PM KST~ ** NEW **

August 21, 2011


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

[INTERVIEW] 10asia (P.O.)

My name is P.O. My real name is Pyo Jihoon. I am in charge of the endless charisma rap in Block B.  I was born on February 2nd, 1993. I’m currently attending Hanlim Entertainment and Arts High School.

Ever since my first year of junior high, I wanted to be a rapper. And in order to go to an arts school, I learned acting as a specialty. If the opportunity comes, I want to act too. But after going on more music programs!

During junior high, I caused…a lot of trouble. In high school, I went out a lot. My friends and I would come up with ideas and put up 15 minute-long skits on stage. Although we would spend 2 months without much sleep, it was something we wanted to do so it was fun.



My name is U-Kwon. My real name is Kim Yookwon. I’m in charge of dancing and being the smile representative in Block B. My birthday is April 9th, 1992 I was born in Ahnyang.

I have one older brother who is 6 years older than I am that looks exactly like me. After I made my debut, he was bitter. He asked me to help him become a celebrity. Haha. Not too long ago, it was his birthday (on August 9th), but he left for military training. Hyung, happy birthday!

I spent my high school days soldering and refining metal. I was in the electronics and machinery field of Ahnyang High School. I got compliments for being able to put LED right and solder well. Heuheuheu.



My stage name is B-Bomb, and my real name is Lee Minhyuk.  I’m Block B’s dancing machine.  I was born on December 4th, 1990, and I’m an only child.

That’s why I want to raise a… little sister? in our dorm.  A lot of people say that they fight with their younger sisters but I don’t understand that.  I think if I had a younger sister, I would do everything she wanted me to.  (Kyung: You have to raise her strong!  I’m going to give out the proper consequences!  If she does something wrong, I’ll hit her hand!  Jaehyo: I’ll never allow staying out all night!  P.O: I’m going to teach her how to do house work and Zico hyung will teach her about life.)  Then I’ll… teach her how to cook.

Ever since high school, I was just the kid that always danced.  I’d dance and hold battles with my friends after school and even took part in competitions.  When I first joined our current company, Jaehyo told me, “You can come here, let’s eat together.”  He took care of me well so I thought he had trained here for at least a year until I found out that he actually joined a day before me.