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My stage name is Taeil, and my real name is Lee Taeil.  I’m Block B’s main vocalist and I was born on September 24th, 1990.  I have a nuna two years older than me and a younger brother nine years younger than me.

I graduated from an all male high school, and I wasn’t a student that did anything eye-catching.  I was into music then so I’d leave after fourth period to go home and train.  When you’re training to become a celebrity, it’s hard to make friends, so I made the extra effort to become friends with the entire student body.

I’m the type that completely immerses myself into something I fall in love with.  I’ve always loved raising tropical fishes since I was little so I joined a club for it.  My aunt gave me two fishes to raise myself, which later turned into 7~800.  A trick to raising fishes well is to try not to touch them as much as possible.  You have to just leave them alone. (Zico: Fishes are kind of like us then, just leave them alone to grow on their own.)

A while ago, an internet community board uploaded a picture of our fish meeting.  Those were taken on the day I went to Daejun for a tropical fish auction.  I was so excited at having caught five and noticed someone behind me taking pictures.  Unfortunately, I went home during break and sold all of the fishes.  They die if you don’t take care of them during the summer so I sent them all away.

Aside from fishes, I was also into motorcycles.  There’s a negative stereotype with high school students and motorcycles, but I lived in Jamshil and my school was in Kangnam so my mom allowed me to buy a motorcycle and ride it to school.  After school, the members of our club would meet at Namsan.  (Kyung: For tuning? Zico: With your front wheels up? U-Kwon: Did you guys have metal pipes with you too?)  Nah, it wasn’t anything like that (laughter).  All I ever did was go to the training room to sing so I think I found joy in other things like that.

I still have my bike and ride it when I’m going to the convenience store in front of our dorm. (Do you let the members borrow it?)  No, if I let someone borrow it and they get into an accident, it’ll be an upset year for me.  I’m very strict with what’s mine and what doesn’t belong to me. (B-Bomb: So that’s why he always wears the other members’ panties, haha!)  Hey, I’m wearing mine today! (laughter)

Excluding my father, my entire family is type AB blood.  There’s the stereotype that AB types are either geniuses or psychos, and our family fits into the stereotype somewhat in that they all have very distinct hobbies and only do what they need to do.  My mom doesn’t interfere with my life so I just grew up on my own.  I think I grew up normally, without any stress.

The ‘baby Taeil’ image on Match Up isn’t like my real self at all. (U-Kwon: He really is a baby.  Zico: When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he says is, “Give me food!”  P.O: Should I show you his diapers?)  Sigh, I don’t know how this is happening (laughter).

10ASIA (SOURCE) VITALSIGN@BLOCKBINTL (TRANS); take out with full credits

Photo : 10ASIA

Cre : bontheblock.tumblr.com


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