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P.O. & Kyung – Strong [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

[AUDIO] P.O. & Kyung – Strong [DOWNLOAD]

[CAFE UPDATE] 110819 Kyung

I made “Strong” for the last mini-concert of Match Up!
A lot of people wanted to hear it so I’m uploading it for you as a present.
The download option was available but not anymore because it was limited to 100.
I want to upload the file for you but I don’t know how..
The people that were able to download it, please share!
(BBCs, I love you guys, even if you call me cucumber..)


[LYRICS] Kyung & P.O. – Strong

If I have you, I’ll try to be strong
If you’ll stay by my side, I can be strong
I’ll protect you every day, you’re gonna be strong
It’s not gonna be wrong, we’re gonna be strong
I say Oh Oh Oh Oh (I make you happy)
Oh Oh Oh Oh (You can be ma lady)
Oh Oh Oh Oh (Baby we can make it)
Oh Oh Oh Oh

Verse 1) P.O.
I still remember the first time I saw you
Were you wearing sneakers? or a cardigan?
A girlish smile, even eye smiles
How pretty you were, we were even the same age
I wasn’t able to approach you easily
I stood and watched you from afar
My constellation is by your side
I’m a manito that stands behind you
No matter what anyone says, you’re an angel
An angel that has hidden your wings somewhere
There’s an entrance to you, but no exit
I just can’t bring myself away from you


Verse 2) Park Kyung
I’ll try to be strong when I stand by you
This fresh new feeling, it’s not dejavu
I can only think about you all day long
(do you love her?) Yes, I do
In this dark night, I’m alone in my room
I turn the music on and close my eyes next
I draw a picture in my head of two people
An imagination all my own, but who cares as long as I’m happy
You’re by my side, of course, and we’re holding hands
My awkward gag and aegyo pinches
Everything is joy, you are my world baby
This song is the beautiful story of you and I


I can do x8 (I can do)   X2
I love you (I love  you)  X2



Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

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