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U-Kiss 2nd Album Schedule Released!

Today, U-Kiss disclosed the schedule for their upcoming album release along with the dates of their upcoming single and MV teaser release.  The schedule was published today via the U-Kiss Fan Cafe and Twitter.  The upcoming album’s track list and promotional activities for the the release have not been set yet.  However, U-KissKorea, the official twitter for U-Kiss, mentioned an album release meet-and-greet in Korea on September 4th.


Australia Gears Up For “Dream Concert”

2011 K-Pop Music Fest.” will be held on Saturday, 12th of November, 2011. This phenomenal music festival is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Australia, also known as the “Year of Korea in Australia”. The fundamental focus of this event is to promote a range of cultural artistic activities by bringing some popular K-Pop musicians and culture to Australia, superintended by JK Entertainment is a Sydney based Event & Production Company. Some highlights of JK Entertainment works include Jay Chao Sydney Live Concert, 2010 JYP Australia Audition, 2010 Korea Festival, Super Kpop Concert and many more.


Taeyang on GQ Magazine (September Issue)

GQ Editor Jang Woo Chul caught Taeyang on the way out and asked him :

Q: What would you do if you’re cast for [the show] “I Am A Singer”?
A: I’m already a singer. Actually I’m into Cho Yongpil’s songs these days. I’ve not heard domestic music that much, so I never thought I’d like them. But while listening to Cho Yongpil’s songs and watching his performances, I found out what I had felt I’m lacking in. Instead of appearing, I’d like to make an effort to be a better singer. Just on the assumption that they ask me to appear.

(From GQ September 2011, “40 Questions for 40 People”)


Korean Superstars GD&TOP and Seungri to perform at the 2011 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore, 24 August 2011 – Fans of K-pop have good reason to bring the house down this September at the 2011 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. For the first time ever, Singapore GP has added the dynamic trio of Korean pop stars GD&TOP AND SEUNGRI to a line-up of world-class acts at the only Formula One night race.

Better known as G-Dragon, T.O.P. and Seungri of the massively popular band BIGBANG, this powerhouse trio will drive fans wild with their polished dance moves and infectious tracks at the Padang main stage (Zone 4) on Friday, 23 September.

Seungri present at the musical, “Street Life”

Big Bang’s member, SeungRi, ‘observing’ the musical “Street Life” which drew fan’s curiosity.

At August 19 around noon, SeungRi was watching “Street Life” musical at CGV Pop Art Hall in Yeongdeungpo. He kept himself seated and watching the performance through the whole musical, and in the end, before anyone else, he rose and applauding greatly and cheers a lot. The satisfactions of the works were also revealed (exposed).

11/08/23-24 Block B Twitter Compilation

[JAEHYO] Was I like an ahjusshi at the radio yesterday?? kekeke

[TAEIL] I changed my hair. uahahahahahaha http://yfrog.com/hsgollkj

[KYUNG] At the after party for Match Up keke

[U-KWON TO KYUNG] I’m in the middle of rehearsal

[KYUNG] CNU hyung and Gongchan said that I look like Justin Bieber.. well, I agree too.

[U-KWON] I lost the ear sponge for my Dr. Dre solo headphones.. what do I do..? T

[KYUNG] ok I’ll cut back on the gags gd nite

[JAEHYO] My Galaxy 2 is demolished… the ability to listen to music has left for the heavens..




Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com