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Netizens on Seungri’s old audition video, “Who are you?”

The episode of  Mnet  ‘Superstar K3’ which was aired on 26th started with the story of  a judge, Kim Wan Sun. She told us about her judging experience in an audition programme, ‘Battle Shinwa’ in 2005.

She said, ‘ the nature of “Superstar K3’ is as same as that of ‘Battle Shinwa’. My friends, like G.NA, Brown Eyes Girls’Gain and Seungri of Big Bang all have participated in this programme before. ‘

See Big Bang in 3-D at SBS ‘K-POP Zone [NEWS]

SBS will launch a ‘K-POP Zone’ for fans to see the Hallyu stars in 3-D. They will also be able to play games related to the idols. The piece of news has drawn the interest of the overseas fans.
On the coming 31st, the SBS content , a part of the event of BROADCAST WORLDWIDE’  (organized by The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) will launch a ‘K-POP Zone’. When the plan was revealed, attention from the showbiz industry has been attracted.

Block B Twitter Compilation [11/08/25-26]

[KYUNG] It’s fun working with Taeul hyung. I think working with someone who matches so well with you helps increase your skills too.

[U-KWON] I’m not sad, who said I’m sad kekeke

[U-KWON] Sweet morning ?ke

[ZICO] Steve Jobs looks cool even while resigning….http://yfrog.com/kepwoctj

[JAEHYO] Filming Dream Team! Source is Ahnjaehyo.com Thanks for coming all the way to take pictures! http://twitpic.com/6b8skk

[B-BOMB] Bravely cut it off. http://twitpic.com/6b8ssl

[U-KWON] Falling behind, falling behind

[CHO PD] Thank you ^^ RT @y00n913: Block B’s Japanese showcase has completely sold out nationwide! The standing seats were out in 3 minutes!! Amazing~!!!

[KYUNG] The clean version of “Freeze!” where we changed the lyrics was banned? wooooo~~~~w

[U-KWON] Idol songs that children can’t listen to kekekeke




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[SCHEDULE] 11/08/29 ~ 11/09/04 Block B

August 29, 2011

August 30, 2011

August 31, 2011
– [OTHER] Philippines “Korean Culture Center Opening Hallyu Concert”

September 1, 2011
– [OTHER] Philippines “Korean Culture Center Opening Hallyu Concert”

September 2, 2011
– [BROADCAST] MTV The Show 7:30PM KST (8.23 Footage)

September 3, 2011
– [RECORDING] Mnet M Super Concert 8PM KST

September 4, 2011
– [BROADCAST] KBS Let’s Go Dream Team! (Jaehyo) 10:35AM KST (8.21 Footage)



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[MNET DANCE BATTLE] Block B’s U-Kwon & B-Bomb (Dance Cut)


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