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Block B Twitter Compilation 11/08/26-28

[ZICO] Sigh..

[ZICO] Although I wanted to buy the Lonely Island album, I didn’t get a chance too.. keke I’ll listen to it well.., http://yfrog.com/gz2t8glcj

[ZICO] And they sing~~~ In doing it in a rouge kind of style will probably be good for the finalized version.! http://yfrog.com/kfxuocfj

[U-KWON] Summer again?

[JAEHYO] In 2008, I had nothing but a carrier when I went to Seoul without a plan. I lived out of a bath house and spent my days rehearsing and falling asleep while listening to my mp3. Someone then stole my mp3 keke so I had to beg my parents to get me my own place. I’m walking by my first place now.. I feel nostalgic and weird keke. I wonder who lives in it?

[JAEHYO] At fan signings, fans always ask me if I’m mad or to talk more.. but my personality normally doesn’t talk a lot T I’ll work hard to become brighter next time!

[ZICO TO HANHAE] Your profile picture looks yummy

[U-KWON] Cold sore…I really don’t like Albochil though (it’s a medicine for cold sores)

[ZICO] Today’s work is up to hereeee..

[ZICO] I’m not sure if the taxi driver knew my occupation, but he said to me, “Make lots of money! Bye!” when I got out ㅋ!



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