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Park Myung Soo, “GD, let’s perform again this winter”

G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo reunited as Team GG at 2NE1’s concert where they performed, “Having An Affair”, with Park Bom.

Wearing black and white costumes, they delivered an exciting performance for 4000 fans. Together with Park Bom, who was in a mini black dress, their performance hyped up the atmosphere at the concert.

Park Myung Soo said, “It has been awhile since I met GD and Park Bom again after our performance for IC. I’m very glad. G-Dragon and I haven’t been in touch after the program but it would be good if I can keep the friendship with him. Thanks to G-Dragon again.”

G-Dragon said, “I have been watching 2NE1 closely ever since we were young and I’m so glad to be invited to their concert. I am just so amazed by their stage that I forget that I have to come out and perform too.”

Park Myung Soo added, “Now it’s summer and when it’s winter, I will ask G-Dragon and Bom to perform with me once again.”

Source: Nate, translated by Rice @ bigbangupdates

From another article:

G-Dragon jokingly said, “Because Park Bom and I performed on Infinity Challenge, we’ve been watching the show ever since (recently). We are now known as “Inifinity Challenge fans”. Park Myung Soo is a brave soldier/warrior but we have to support ourselves too. (He’s saying that if you worked with Park Myung Soo, you will get popular.)

Source: Nate, bigbangfamily, translated by mystifize @ bigbangupdates


Cre : bigbangupdates.com

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