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Running Man warns against possible kidnapping dangers from staff imposters

Netizens were abuzz with excitement when pictures were leaked from a purported filming of SBS’s popular variety show, ‘Running Man‘. According to the pictures, the show was filming in Changwon with guests G-Dragon and T.O.P.

The rumors were quickly debunked as a hoax, however, by various cast members and staff. “We have never filmed in Changwon,” said Jo Hyo Jin, a PD for the program. “We don’t have any plans of the sort until October.”

Unfortunately, it turns out that there could be more to this seemingly innocuous prank. “From what I’ve heard, these people have been acting as shooting staff and luring young girls to board their vehicles,” said cast member Gary in a Twitter post.

He added, “I hope Changwon residents will not become confused and will warn surrounding areas as well. It was serious enough for the police to contact us, so please be careful. And make sure to report what you see.”

PD Jo Hyo Jin later stated, “I have just heard the news, and I hope nothing bad has happened.”

“If an incident occurred where someone posed as a staff member and lured people to board their car, it could be filed as a kidnapping charge,” said a representative for the Changwon police. “However, we do not know anything concerning these Internet rumors at this time.”

Netizens reacted with disbelief and concern over the news. “I hope the Changwon-area students are very careful,” said a worried netizen.

Source: Naver
Translation: Allkpop

Cre : bigbangupdates.com

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