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ETN Block B Fan Signing 110830 [ENGLISH SUBS]


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

2NE1’s Not Ugly Campaign – It’s A Beautiful Thing

Let’s admit it – there is no such thing as an ugly K-Pop idol. Even after they just wake up, idols look good, despite the fact that they think they look terrible. Remember Mir being woken up on Idol Army? Everyone in MBLAQ got a surprise wake-up call (I would be surprised too if someone was trying to shove a corndog in my face while I was asleep!), but Mir’s reaction at 0:29 was by far the funniest. Two words: “No makeup!!!!!”


Seungri # 12, T.O.P. #1 in stars with 2% of imperfections ranking

Super stars also have 2% of imperfections?

On 23rd, Mnet ,’ Wide Entertainment’ has revealed the ranking of the superstars who also have 2% of imperfections.

#12 Seungri
The maknae of Big Bang has completed his solo activties well and  established Seungri Academey for vocal and dancing training recently. He can be said to be a successful singer and a good performer in the entertainment industry.

Park Myung Soo claims that G-Dragon’s fan base has gotten broader thanks to him

Comedian Park Myung Soo appeared on the MBC Variety Show “Come to Play” on the 29th and claimed that G-Dragon’s fan base has gotten broader thanks to him.

Park Myung Soo along with the comedians from his own agency Yoo Sang Yeob and Kim Kyung Jin appeared on the MBC Variety Show “Come to Play” in their “Hong – Park’s Unfortunate Kids” special and once again demonstrated his brutal honesty.

During the later part of the show, as part of the “Ranked As I Please” corner, He was asked to list 3 celebrities that ended up being successful after meeting with Park Myung Soo.

Eight actresses’ pictures from the past: “They are all born beautiful”

On the 22nd, a collage of several actresses’ high school pictures is uploaded on an online community board.

This posting has Oh Youn Soo, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Hyun Joo, Song Ji Hyo, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, Jo Yeo Jung, and Son Ye Jin with the caption, “I’ve seen many actresses who are not confident with their pictures during high school, but these actresses show their natural beauties from birth.”

The collage showed younger and beautiful images of the actresses.

Netizens comment: “I can’t rank them. They’re all beautiful.” “They are pretty now but even prettier in the past.”

Source: NTN from Yahoo

Cre : korea.com