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2NE1’s Not Ugly Campaign – It’s A Beautiful Thing

Let’s admit it – there is no such thing as an ugly K-Pop idol. Even after they just wake up, idols look good, despite the fact that they think they look terrible. Remember Mir being woken up on Idol Army? Everyone in MBLAQ got a surprise wake-up call (I would be surprised too if someone was trying to shove a corndog in my face while I was asleep!), but Mir’s reaction at 0:29 was by far the funniest. Two words: “No makeup!!!!!”

Notice how he uses the camera to see how he looks afterward and decides he looks fine! Other male idols who wake up looking ‘rough’ include quite a few members of BEAST on their show MTV BEAST Almighty, and Kim Hyun Joong in the first episode of Thank You for Raising Me Up. I can’t resist putting a video in! Start at 5:11. The man is impossible to wake up!

Did you like his giraffe hat?

You’ve probably seen the stories about idols having to wear a ton of makeup, or get drastic plastic surgery in order to become ‘beautiful’ enough for the music industry. You might have even gone looking for the before and after pictures. Both male and female idols suffer from these stories, but it’s the girls who suffer the most. Male idols tend to wake up looking somewhat decent, and if and when they have to wear makeup, it looks fairly natural. When the girls have to wear makeup, though, they have to become so done-up that they look like porcelain dolls – and that only makes their natural faces look ‘bad’ in comparison.

MTV-Korea actually put out a Top 10 Idols Who Look Better Without Makeup list in October, and it included male and female idols. 2NE1Sandara Park (or just Dara) made the list at number 9! That seems ironic, given that 2NE1 recently came out with a song about being ugly, right?


Dara created and hosted a global event for all their fans on her Me2Day, which she called 2NE1′s NOT UGLY campaign. Dara was named 2NE1′s “PR Director” by YG Entertainment, but she took a special interest in promoting their song Ugly. If you haven’t seen the video yet, take a look at it below:

Now, Dara has often been praised for her looks, and in a poll in December held by the Star M Plastic Surgery Dermatology Clinic she was voted as having the best skin out of all the female idols. Looking at this picture, I would probably have to agree – she looks really good without makeup.

So why did the beautiful Dara want to run the NOT UGLYcampaign? Talking about both the song and her campaign, she explains: “All of us have times when we think we are ugly and lacking. But all of us have a unique beauty that others do not have.” The name of the campaign comes from its encouraging catchphrase: “I think I’m ugly? NO! You’re not ugly!”

So, what exactly was the NOT UGLY campaign? Dara invited fans; male and female, from all over the world to post their stories about why they feel ugly and on her Me2Day. The campaign got a huge response: it started on August 6, and by the 14 (the original end date) she had more than 7,000 posts from 18 different countries! Some of the fans who posted were in places like France, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Who were the people posting? Teenagers, definitely, but it might surprise you to know that businessmen, athletes, and housewives were also participants!

The response was so amazing that she extended it until August 19, and by the end of that day she had more than 10,000 comments to go through. You can tell from her posts about the campaign that she was surprised and excited about just how many people were participating:

Dudung!!! Professor Ssan is here to inform you about what’s happening~!!! Not Ugly is a success!!! Kya~!!! … I never really expected that a lot of people would participate (August 14)

At last! I will be announcing the winners to the Not Ugly campaign! ^.^ *clap*clap*clap*! I didn’t really expect that this many people would participate in it. … the competition ratio was 1000 to 1 (T/N: 10,000:10 = 1,000:1, since there would be 10 winners, it means 1000 possible entries to 1 winner)! Kya~! *heartbeat*heartbeat*heartbeat*..! (August 19)

The 10 winners were announced on August 24 and will get to have a make-over, supervised by Dara herself, and will then have a photoshoot of their new look. And of course they’ll also get copies of 2NE1′s latest album! The event was set for August 29, so the story (and hopefully the pictures!) should come out soon.

Is that enough though? One commenter on Koreaboo‘s post of the story wrote:

I’m not sure if I like the whole ‘makeover’ thing. It could be interpreted as ‘Yeah, you’re ugly, so we’re gonna put make-up on you so that you’re pretty.’ As long as they don’t totally make them look not themselves or photoshop them, then it’s fine I guess…

The commenter has a point – if the winners only get a make-over, is that really going to be enough to make them feel less ugly?

Here’s what I hope happens: I hope Dara’s campaign changes the winners in the same way that Carson Kressley changes participants on the Lifetime show How to Look Good Naked.

Yes, the participants get a make-over and a personal photoshoot, but what Carson does to really change them is he changes how they think about their looks and their bodies – he teaches them how to accept their own unique beauty.

Dara’s campaign seems like a perfect opportunity to do just that – take 10 people who don’t like the way they look, give them a make-over and a photoshoot, and change the way they see themselves. Changing how the participants look on the outside would be useless if the winners didn’t also change how they felt on the inside, but we’ll have to wait for the story before we find out if that happens!

Nevertheless, I love this campaign – and the entire idea behind 2NE1′s Ugly – because, as the responses to Dara’s campaign have proved, everyone feels ugly sometimes. Men, women, teens, housewives, business men, even athletes can feel less than beautiful every so often. And when you feel ugly, you don’t just think you’re ugly on the outside – you start thinking that you’re worthless, unlovable, unwanted, and there’s nothing that you can do about it except to hide or get angry. I’ve definitely felt that way. There are some days when I don’t want to leave my house because I feel ugly, inside and out. And I don’t have a problem admitting that, because everyone feels ugly at some point. And if everyone feels ugly sometimes, that means that idols do, too. They’re not completely perfect.

So why not do something to change that? It’s difficult to change the way you see yourself, but there really is a ‘unique beauty’ that everyone has – you just have to find it. I have days when I feel ugly, but I also have days when I feel really good about myself. It definitely takes practice, but it’s worth it!

What do you think about Dara’s NOT UGLY campaign? Have you ever felt ugly? Have you ever felt like you weren’t lovable because you were ugly? Did you ever feel like people were lying to you when they said you weren’t ugly? Why? How would you change that?



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