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Seungri # 12, T.O.P. #1 in stars with 2% of imperfections ranking

Super stars also have 2% of imperfections?

On 23rd, Mnet ,’ Wide Entertainment’ has revealed the ranking of the superstars who also have 2% of imperfections.

#12 Seungri
The maknae of Big Bang has completed his solo activties well and  established Seungri Academey for vocal and dancing training recently. He can be said to be a successful singer and a good performer in the entertainment industry.

However, Seungri, who is full of confidence, is also in short of one thing- the mystery of being a singer. He tends to expose the private life of himself and his members so much; therefore,he has become the one that people do not dare to share secrets with.

#1 T.O.P.
T.O.P. can be said to be a homme fatale at his age and ever since his debut, he has been receiving  a lot of 1st class treatments. Therefore, the confidence that he has in front of the seniors might put him to an unfavourable situation.
The seniors have  many reasons to dislike him, especially when he had a chance to kiss Lee Hyori in front of the audience. Although it can be seen as only a gesture of politeness, wouldn’t T.O.P. be more perfect if he tries to act more humbly and carefully when he is in front of the seniors?

Source: nate
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com

Cre : bigbangupdates.com

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