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Kim Goo Ra sent a warning message to G-Dragon?

The comedian Kim Goo Ra caught the attention of the audience by sending a warning message to the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon.

On the episode of MBC ‘Quizzes to change the world’ which was aired on 27th, Kim Goo Ra who has not appeared in a TV programme for a long time talked about the golden era of  Sung Dae Hyun. (a singer of the rave music group, R.ef which was active in 1990’s)

YGE, “Daesung does not have any activities planned for the rest of this year”

With the case now dismissed, many fans began vocalizing their wish to see Daesung reunite with his groupmates for promotions. However, YG Entertainment has firmly stated that Daesung will not be returning to the fold for the rest of the year.

On August 29th, YG Entertainment stated, “Regardless of his ‘not guilty’ verdict, Daesung does not have any activities planned for the rest of this year. Instead, Daesung will continue focusing on going to church.” Daesung has been attending church regularly to focus on his religious life due to the severe distress and heartache he suffered from the situation.

From Star News
Translated by allkpop

Cre : bigbangupdates.com

Block B 1st Japanese Live Showcase ‘Do U Wanna B?’


Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow [DOWNLOAD] + Lyrics

[AUDIO] Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow [DOWNLOAD]

[LYRICS] Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow

What I earned after failing twice
Isn’t breakdown but the refusal to give in, perseverance, poison, and determination
Every day, I go through hard-training
Time is tickin’
I listen every day, rehearse and rehearse
“Entered Soulflow! I’ll set it all on fire!”
My first goal, my first roar
So that all of my efforts won’t be wasted, won’t be bent
Even if obstacles come my way, I’ll keep looking forward
I’ll keep running, speeding up, accelerating every time
My family Soulflow, microphone, and rhyme notes
I’m stubborn with my route, my heart’s already beating
I’ve advanced, I am advancing, I’m going to do it, I’ll fight and improve
You have to change everything in order to fly
If you try to trick me, I’ll tell you to “shut your mouth”
I’m not going to let go of this opportunity
I’m going to try my best every day and keep pushing forward



Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

Block B Comeback updates

[CHO PD] 2. I’m really busy. Block B’s new song is daebak. When they make their comeback, we will be in pursuit of perfection.

[CHO PD] 3. As for my album, I’ll be promoting it for a short period but strongly with Taeil after we come back from Japan.





Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

Running Man warns against possible kidnapping dangers from staff imposters

Netizens were abuzz with excitement when pictures were leaked from a purported filming of SBS’s popular variety show, ‘Running Man‘. According to the pictures, the show was filming in Changwon with guests G-Dragon and T.O.P.

The rumors were quickly debunked as a hoax, however, by various cast members and staff. “We have never filmed in Changwon,” said Jo Hyo Jin, a PD for the program. “We don’t have any plans of the sort until October.”

Daesung’s Case Dismissed, Ruled Not Guilty

Big Bang’s Daesung has received a verdict of ‘not guilty’ in his court case regarding his car accident on May 31st.

After reviewing the case, prosecutors decided that there wasn’t enough hard evidence to determine whether or not the motorcyclist Hyun had been alive or deceased before Daesung ran him over with his vehicle. Also, they did not rule out the possibility that the motorcyclist, who was under the influence upon the time of his death, could’ve died from the initial collision with a streetlight.