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“Idol Charts Show” Ranks G-Dragon and Taeyang Among Top ‘Child Idol Growth’ (110831)

G-Dragon at #2:


Big Bang, SBS Gorealra Star Channel’s September Star

Big Bang was selected as the star of September by SBS Gorealra Star Channel.

‘Star Channel’ is a channel of SBS Gorealra where you can watch the video of the stars 24 hours for the whole month. It was a channel first established in August and was well received by the netizens.

The star of August was ‘2PM’ and they were chosen by the netizens through the site of SBS since 2PM was the group idols they wanted to see on the channel most.

The SBS program which Big Bang has appeared (e.g. SBS Inkigayo, Strong Heart, Running Man, Chocolate, Night After Night, Family Outing,etc) will be aired on this channel 24hours on a daily basis.

You can watch SBS gorealra on the Star Channel or you can also go to SBS website to view the videos.

Source, Translated by Rice @ bigbangupdates.com

Cre : bigbangupdates.com

Big Bang featured in Italian Magazine, Ragazza

“RAGAZZA” an Italian magazine, has been recently hit with the Kpop bug, they have dedicated an article to KPOP music and BIG BANG was mentioned as one of the most successful Korean bands.

Here’s the translation:

Future POP:
Sounds from the world

Kpop what? That’s what we tought when we proposed kpop music to our editorial staff.
But we went on youtube, watched some videos…and we’ve been swept away by the rhythm of Korean music.
So we decided to know more about these Korean idols.

T.O.P to attend Circle NYC’s Labor Day Weekend Party?

That time of year is finally here for Circle NYC! Our Labor Day Weekend White Party is back bigger than ever! Word on the street is that Kpop star T.O.P from BIGBANG will be making a special guest appearance on Friday and Saturday night and we can confirm that the rumors are true! T.O.P will be partying it up here at Circle NYC Friday and Saturday night at NYC Hottest Korean night club! We believe it’s going to be one of circle’s hottest weekends of the year so don’t miss out! Reservations have been going so fast that we will also be opening up pulse karaoke lounge for our circle customers!

Ladies free till mid night // ladies open bar till 11pm. For reservations and all other inquiries please contact info@thecirclenyc.com or 212-575-4779

Thanks Dina! @ bigbangupdates.com

@Source : bigbangupdates.com

Block B (Taeil, U-Kwon, Zico, B-Bomb, P.O.) 2011 VMA music video suggestions [ENGLISH SUBS]


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com