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Lydia Paek continues working with YG Entertainment

To the delight of many fans, Korean-American Lydia Paek revealed via Youtube today that she has been working with YG Entertainment as of late.

Well-known in America as a Youtube star and member of QUEST Crew, Paek entered the k-pop radar when she co-produced and co-wrote Park Bom‘s “Don’t Cry” with Teddy earlier this year. Previously introduced through her friend Shaun Evaristo, who choreographs for Big Bang and 2NE1, Paek seems to have more projects with YG coming up in the future.

I have been getting this question asked to me a lot, and it’s if I’ve been working with YG Entertainment, and the answer to the question is yes!” Lydia exclaimed in the video blog. “I’m so excited and I’m working really hard. I will definitely definitely keep you guys updated on that. I feel so blessed to be a part of that company.

Paek certainly earned some new fans through her involvement with “Don’t Cry”; are you excited for her future work with YG Entertainment?



Source: Youtube

by lawlietta @ allkpop

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