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YG Entertainment surpasses SM Entertainment’s mid-year profits for 2011

YG Entertainment stunned the industry when it was revealed that they’ve surpassed SM Entertainment in terms of sales for the first half of 2011! YG Entertainment is home to artists like 2NE1, Big Bang, and Psy, while SM Entertainment hosts artists likes SNSD, Super Junior, and TVXQ.

YG Entertainment has made 44,744,823,563 won (approximately $41,756,037 USD) from January 1st to June 30th. Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has made 40,592,465,358 won, which is approximately $37,867,691 USD, for that same period. It’s speculated that the profit leap for YG Entertainment came from GD&TOP‘s album, Seungri‘s solo activities, Big Bang‘s new album, and 2NE1‘s latest mini-album and concerts.

YG Entertainment maintained their sales numbers from last year; however, SM Entertainment made 6.9 million won less, since they recorded 47,527,869,269 won in the first half of 2010. YG Entertainment’s net profit is said to be around $6,718,774 USD, while SM Entertainment’s net profit is reported to be around $3,659,605 USD.



Source: EDaily via Naver

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2NE1 completely sells out concert tickets in Japan

2NE1 has sold out every single ticket for their upcoming concert tour in Japan!

Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports has reported that 300,000 fans attempted to buy tickets for the 70,000 seats available on September 4th, the day the tickets went on sale.

The girls will put on a concert at Yokohama Arena for September 19th and 20th, before moving onto Kobe World Hall for the 24th and 25th. They’ll then wrap up their mini-tour at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe Hall on October 1st and 2nd. Meanwhile, their Japanese debut album will be released on the 21st, in the middle of their six-concert tour.

Congratulations, ladies!



Source: Yeonhap News via Naver

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Mnet to launch RT Mcountdown Online Show

Curious as to what goes on behind the scenes on some of your favorite music programs? If you are, here’s some good news for you!

Mnet has just informed allkpop that they’re launching a new online show titled, RT M Countdown. Basically, the show will reveal backstage secrets from Mnet’s popular music program, M! Countdown on YouTube. Additionally, fans will have the opportunity to ask questions to some of their favorite stars by submitting questions via twitter and facebook.

Expect to see cool features as the first episode is scheduled to have a Q&A session with Teen Top, backstage commentary from MBLAQ, a special feature on G.NA’s dance, and reaction from INFINITE as they celebrate their first victory. The debut episode is slated to premiere on September 7th 10AM KST, (September 6th 6PM in Los Angeles, September 6th 9PM in New York) on Mnet’s official YouTube channel.



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Idol Come to Together to Introduce “K-POP MUSIC FEST. SYDNEY 2011”

Idols groups miss A, MBLAQ, SHINee, Secret, BEAST, 4minute and SNSD have come together today to officially introduce Australia’s very own “Dream-Concert-like” event which is set to be held later this year on November 12th.

With a top-notch line up which includes the names like TVXQ (DBSK), SNSD (Girls’ Generation), SHINee, Sistar, Secret, Miss A, MBLAQ, Kara, CNBLUE, B2ST, 4Minute and 2AM, it’s no wonder tickets start at $89, with fans expecting to pay $289 for VIP seating. Tickets went on sale on September 1 – but be quick!Click here to purchase tickets from Ticketek.



Nichkhun and Victoria confirmed to be leaving ‘We Got Married’

Looks like today won’t be a good day for “We Got Married” fans — on the heels of the news that the David OhKwon Ri Sae couple will be leaving from the show, Nichkhun and Victoria (known as the ‘Khuntoria‘ couple) will also be getting a ‘divorce’ from the popular MBC reality show.

“Two couples will be leaving the program in the middle of September,” stated a representative for MBC. “We’re in the middle of recruiting a new couple.” With the departure of two couples, it will be interesting to see how ‘We Got Married’ plans on filling the gaps.
:::: Ommo…. so sad ㅠ


Source: Sports Hankook via Naver
Credit: allkpop.com

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Girl’s Day Sojin’s ideal type is T.O.P?

Girl’s Day member Sojin (25) revealed that Big Bang‘s T.O.P was her ideal guy type.

During an interview with TVReport, she shyly admitted, “TOP is my ideal man. He’s so charismatic.”

Additionally, it was revealed that SG Wannabe‘s Lee Suk Hoon (27) was a close second.

Sojin also talked about her experience as a radio DJ on an MBC Radio program. She stated, “Kyuri was overseas so I filled in for her… It was a fun experience but I don’t think I have enough experience to be a radio DJ.”



Source & Image: TVReport via Naver
Credit: Allkpop

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G-Dragon’s cut on Y-Star’s Ultimate Idol Survey (110901)

This is the video mentioned in this article posted before.

Results under the cut.

* 가창력 Singing
1위 준수(34.4%) Junsu
2위 창민(26.2%) Changmin
3위 종현 Jonghyun

4위 태양 Taeyang

5위 지오 GO

* 랩 RAP

1위 지드래곤(50.7%) GD
2위 탑(21.5%) TOP

3위 용준형(14.6%) Yongjunhyung
4위 은혁 Eunhyunk
5위 옥택연 Taecyeon

G-Dragon set for solo release but date not finalized

YG Entertainment has said Big Bang member G-Dragon will make a comeback as a solo but has yet to decide on a date for it.

The remark came from an official at the top talent agency who denied reports from earlier in the day which said that G-Dragon would make his comeback to the local music scene with a new album next month.

“The reports regarding G-Dragon’s comeback in October are not true,” she told 10Asia over the phone on Monday. “It is true that he has been recording several songs but a date for his comeback has not been finalized.”

She went onto explain that YG artists are always working on their music and a release date of one’s album is subject to change depending on its progress.

Block B Twitter Compilation 11/09/04-05

[ZICO] I feel tired, agh.

[ZICO] With this amount of sunshine, all we need is a bit of breeze and it’d be the best weather ever hehe

[JAEHYO] Went to meet my older brother without my cell phone.. I feel like I’ve returned back to the 90’s keke, I hope that I can meet him safely.. off I go!

[ZICO] Agh..I should hurry in buying my own computer and speakers. It’s too hectic…ㅜ

[KYUNG] Thank you for the pie, I felt happy for the few days they lasted (Zico stole most of them)

[ZICO] Just editing the EQ for the kick, snare that was covered by the bass and vocals had such a big effect… It was simple, but much respect to PD hyung for resolving such a complex problem~~~!

[KYUNG] Heading to the salon after staying up all night yahoo I guess I’ll be in a daze all day

[ZICO] Greeeaaaat weather~~~~~~~~! I’m so sleepy because I haven’t slept. The sunlight coming in through the window and the shadows are making stripes…




Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

Block B [UPDATED SCHEDULE] 11/09/05 ~ 11/09/30

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