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Why did Big Bang’s G-Dragon have his head shaved?

According to a reliable source from the music industry, G-Dragon, a leader and producer of Big Bang, has recently concentrated all his energy on creating his new solo album.

Someone in the know says, “His shaved head shows his determination to put all his strength in his new album.”

In fact, GD shows up every day in his own office in the building of YG Entertainment, fully absorbed in producing his new album.

The album is scheduled to be released around in October and November, but the precise date is not yet fixed. Considering that he himself writes songs and lyrics, the date can be delayed.

YG Entertainment has kept their mouth closed about the details of GD’s new album, but president Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment is said to make an official announcement regarding the album before long via YG Life, known as the official website of YG Entertainment.

By Gil Hye-seong (comet@mtstarnews.com)

Source: Star News (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Star News
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com
Credit: @soompi_bigbang via twitter

By : bigbangupdates.com

Why did Big Bang’s G-Dragon have his head shaved?

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