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KMP Holdings to possibly join the MOGEF in evaluating songs

Digital music distributors and major entertainment labels have revealed that they are in discussions to join the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in the evaluation of songs.

A standards commission made up of the seven labels under KMP Holdings (KT, Loen, CJ, Mirror Ball Music, SM, JYP, Star Empire) will be established in the coming weeks. The committee is currently in discussion with the MOGEF to work on the details of it becoming a possibility.

A representative commented, “We’ve been receiving a lot of requests to join and it seems that all of them will be joining the panel soon. Within the month, or early next month, a planning session will be taking place.”

Music fans are now hoping that this important step will get rid of the obscure and outrageous bans being placed on songs.



Source + Photos: Kuki Media

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Seungri shows his support for Psy via Me2Day

Original message: 오늘밤 12시 SBS에서 대한민국 을 미치게한 그남자 PSY싸이 의 콘서트 의 모습을 생생하게 보실수있습니다 ^_^ 즐거운명절맞이 싸이와함께하세요
Tags: YG막내 전국투어 싸이 실황 명절 추석특집 싸이콘서트 닥본사

Translation: At 12:00am tonight, we can see the guy who made the Republic of Korea go crazy, PSY’s live concert. ^_^ Happy holiday and please celebrate it with PSY.
Tags: YG Maknae, National tour, PSY, Live, Chuseok Holiday, PSY concert, Dakbonsa


Source: me2day.net/viofbb
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com

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G-Dragon, T.O.P and Seungri’s Message for F1 Singapore


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“The North Face” Official Logo Song


Source: Thenorthfacekorea @youtube.com

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Xia of Rainia said, ‘I like T.O.P. of Big Bang’

Xia, the member of a girl group, Rainia said she likes T.O.P. in a TV programme.
Recently, Xia has appeared in Fashion N’s ‘Actress House Season 2′ with other members. When they were filmming this programme, she made a confession.

When the members of the group were talking about the scandals of the idols, Xia said,’ there is a member of a male idol group that I want to have scandals with.’ Therefore, at this moment, the fact that the youngest member of Rainia likes T.O.P. was exposed.

In the programme, they revealed, ‘ male and female idols do not have much time to know each other since every now and then, we just arrive at a venue then leave immediately afterwards. I hope that we can know more about each other in the waiting room. ‘

This episode will be aired at 11:00pm tonight.

Source: Star.mt
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com

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G-Dragon Creates Huge Anticipation

Around the months of October and November, the biggest girl groups and hottest ‘icons’ are going to be butting heads, releasing their new albums around the same time for a competitive battle to the top. Big Bang’s G-Dragon will also be unleashing his new album around October. Contestants of ‘Superstar K2’ will be coming out with their new genres and ballads respectively, while scheduling their comeback dates.

The rumors and talk about the actual comeback date for Big Bang’s G-Dragon is fluttering around the K-pop industry. That’s how much of an issue his highly anticipated comeback is. Last year in March, G-Dragon announced his first solo promotions, ‘Shine-A-light.

Block B Twitter Compilation 11/09/08-09

[JAEHYO] Source is ahnjaehyo.com kekeke I was feeling so happy this day so it was a memorable stage for me http://twitpic.com/6i53sw

[HANHAE TO JAEHYO] Are you going down to Busan???

[JAEHYO TO HANHAE] Going down there on Sunday!

[HANHAE TO JAEHYO] I’ll call you if I’m bored. I’m a busy man so don’t try looking for me to meet up or anything.

[JAEHYO TO HANHAE] Am I just someone you call when you’re bored..?? TTTTTTTTTTT When are you staying in Busan till

[HANHAE TO JAEHYO] I’ll be there till Tuesday, let’s meet up if we can

[KYUNG] Hul, my Cyworld blog was hacked by Jaehyo hyung http://bit.ly/rkDE2F

[ZICO] The kind of weather that brings down my biorhythm so low.. ———-One LoVE $$$$

[ZICO] +1 http://yfrog.com/ntzyhkj

[B-BOMB] Off to practice.. heh

[CHO PD] B bomb and Park kyung visited my house today http://twitpic.com/6i9gw8

[ZICO] Those who create artworks from their own field, and consistently forming culture while marketing it is an undeniable movement. But not accepting the fact that there are personal tastes and being a person that makes commentaries which evokes the propensity of today only leaves artists to be humiliated even if they speak on behalf of themselves.

[ZICO to HYUNA] Wassup! This is Zico, friend ㅋㅋㅋ Following!! !!

[HYUNA to ZICO] Wow wow I followed back!! I did follow, right?

[ZICO to HYUNA] Yeah, you followed ㅋ You really don’t have much knowledge in phones and computers…ㅋㅋ




Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

Photo : Inkigayo Magazine