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Jaehyo’s Flower Boys

Check it out the video below :


Block B [Pop Pop Seoul Interview 110909]

[ENGLISH SUBS] 110909 Pop Pop Seoul Interview


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Yang Hyun Suk reveals how YG Entertainment picks their trainees

YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk recently joined SBS‘s ‘Survival Audition K-Pop Star‘, a program that seeks to stand out from all other audition shows by finding and cultivating the next star, and putting them on an elite course to success.

A lot of attention is now being focused on the criteria for the program. Yang Hyun Suk recently sat down with OSEN for an interview detailing what he looks for in a trainee.

He first revealed that trainees join YG in two different ways: talented individuals will be approached by the company first, while others are chosen out of the hundreds that apply for the company.

He began, “YG only had a select few trainees, but we’ve been increasing the number since 2011.  If you look at it one way, we get outstanding talent for free. Even though people know that it’s extremely hard to get into YG, kids from all over the nation will still come and try out on their own. The reason we’re increasing the number of trainees is because I realized that after 2NE1 debuted, we had no trainees left. We have about 40 now, and most of them were people we contacted first because they were famous for their skills. A few of them will definitely go on to become the next Big Bang or 2NE1, albeit they’ll be different in music and style.”


Details on SHINee’s third Japanese single “LUCIFER” + tracks + covers

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SHINee performed for the first time on ‘Music Station‘ this week and already their Japanese label, EMI has tweeted that they will release their third single.

Their first two singles, “Replay” and “JULIETTE” were remakes of their Korean versions, so like many Korean groups making their way toward Japan, their third single will also be a remake of a Korean song.

SHINee’s third single will be the Japanese version of “LUCIFER“. It will be released on October 12th and be released in three different types.


A detailed explanation of ‘Chuseok’

For new K-Pop fans unfamiliar with Korean culture, it can seem like all of the colors just came out of the blue, but Chuseok is actually one of the four major holidays celebrated in Korea. So what are your idols heading home to? Check it out below!

Chuseok is sometimes referred to as the ‘Korean Thanksgiving’, ‘Hangawi‘, ‘Jungchujul‘, or ‘Gabe‘ and is celebrated on the brightest full moon of the year, which occurs in mid-August on the lunar calendar. Unlike Western society, Koreans still use the lunar calendar for important dates, so a lot of their holidays are centered around the moon and its cycle.

For 2011, the day of Chuseok falls on September 12th and in 2012, the holiday will be celebrated on September 30th. Chuseok is essentially a celebration of a good harvest, as it’s around this time that grains and fruits will be at their ripest and freshest for harvesting.  To celebrate a year of successful farming, families will all pack up and head home to their ancestral hometowns and ‘bon-ga‘ (directly translated to ‘main house’, but it’s usually the home of the oldest or head of the household, e.g., grandparents, parents), where they’ll dress up in traditional clothing, cook delicious food, and pay their respects to their ancestors.


2ne1’s Sandara works hard as a head of public relations

2ne1’s Sandara is working hard as a head of public relations even during the Chuseok holidays.

On the 10th, Sandara wrote on Me2day an interesting episode of trying to drive on her own and end up getting lost.

Sandara writes, “To give my head a break from all the crazy hairstyles I’ve been wearing recently, I decided to visit Cheongdam Dong Shop for a head massage. I’m totally familiar with the streets in that area, so I nonchalantly set out to drive on my own. I know the way by heart… the shop is just in front of Seung Su Bridge, or Yung Dong Bridge…. But when I looked around, I had already driven across Yung Dong Bridge! Panicking, I quickly rang Changme (a nickname for the manager of 2ne1). She told me to make a U-turn somewhere…. But how could I know where I could make a U-turn? Failing to find a place where I could turn around, I drove on until I reached the Lotte World and even further to Garak Market. Oh no! At the end, I was somehow able to make it to the shop safe and sound, but what a far way I took. I think I might need a break instead of giving my head a break.”

Sandara makes her fans laugh with funny stories even during Chuseok holidays.

Because Sandara is always diligent in communicating with her fans and letting more people know about 2ne1, she was appointed a head of public relations by 2ne1’s agency YG Entertainment.



Source: Starnews

By : pretzyc2h @ korea.com

Big Bang plays on the radio in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico keeps making headlines in the KPOP world, this time it has to do with their biggest achievement yet regarding the spread of KPOP music in Latin America.
On September 1st, 2011, Kpop music made its debut on the radio airwaves of the island.
Many fans had taken the task of requesting their favorite KPOP songs to different radio stations, however, their efforts were of no avail, as they kept being turned down by the radio stations.
Both Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop and Kimchi Criollo —their KPOP and Korean Culture fanbases— came together to request Big Bang’s “Tonight” to HOT 102.5 FM, a radio station that focuses on playing major hits around the world and plays the audience’s requested songs, after almost a week of talking to the radio station, Big Bang’s Tonight began playing on September 1st throughout the day.

Block B Twitter Compilation 11/09/09-10

[B-BOMB] With beat on pop master aka K-Moon hyung! I’m going home after learning something amazing once again!! Thanks hyung! keke beat on pop daebak~!!! http://twitpic.com/6ikffk

[HYUNA TO ZICO] =_=?!!??!??!?!?!?! I’m not TT Fighting today too ^___^

[JAEHYO] Holding a fan signing in Busan, Changwon on the 17th! Finally TT

[ZICO TO MIR] Good job, hyung~~~~!!!

[MIR TO ZICO] Zicoya~ kekeke Let’s meet up sometime~ kekeke

[ZICO TO MIR] DM me, hyung kekeke If we ever meet up, I think the only thing we’ll be talking about from start to finish is about shoes keke

[KYUNG] Have a good Chuseok everyone~ I want to write something cool but I can’t think of anything so I’ll pass.

[JAEHYO] Whew thanks to speedy Jonghwan, I got on the train keke Everyone have a happy Chuseok!

[JAEHYO] I’m here!

[ZICO] Zico (20) is in a crisis as he encounters another maze in the face of creativity.

[ZICO] Agh in a state of saturation . I want to have a small chat while drinking an Americano




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