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Big Bang plays on the radio in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico keeps making headlines in the KPOP world, this time it has to do with their biggest achievement yet regarding the spread of KPOP music in Latin America.
On September 1st, 2011, Kpop music made its debut on the radio airwaves of the island.
Many fans had taken the task of requesting their favorite KPOP songs to different radio stations, however, their efforts were of no avail, as they kept being turned down by the radio stations.
Both Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop and Kimchi Criollo —their KPOP and Korean Culture fanbases— came together to request Big Bang’s “Tonight” to HOT 102.5 FM, a radio station that focuses on playing major hits around the world and plays the audience’s requested songs, after almost a week of talking to the radio station, Big Bang’s Tonight began playing on September 1st throughout the day.
To conmemorate the day, several fans recorded their reactions while the song was being played on the radio, and they made a compilation video (NOTE: Our Andie is somewhere in there^^) :

Video translation:

[September 1st, 2011]
DJ: “It’s 7:39pm, I told you!…I was going to play it at this time, for the Kpop lovers…
[History is made in Puerto Rico]
…directly from Korea, they are BIG BANG…”
like I promised, you know, this is for the crew that was requesting BIG BANG since a few days ago the BIG BANG song, it’s exclusively on HOT 102
DJ: “If you like it, tell your crew… BIG BANG, directly from Korea they are really hot right now, more than 25MIL views on YouTube…Peacemaker here, exclusive of HOT102″

This doesn’t end there, Tonight has been playing on the radio station for a week now, and not only that, the DJ seems to have liked yet another BIG BANG song, as SOMEBODY TO LOVE was heard early this week too.

DJ PEACEMAKER sent a shout out to the KPOP fans in Puerto Rico, you can check it out here!
Source: Kimchi Criollo
Music: YGEntertainment y HOT102
Video: Fans PRALKPOP | KimCri

By : bigbangupdates.com

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