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SBS introduces Chris Koo, “the male CL”

On September 13th, Korea was introduced to Chris Koo, who proudly declared himself to be “the male CL“.

Chris Koo appeared on SBS‘s “Chuseok Special Hallyu Olympics“, and the audience was shocked by his close resemblance to 2NE1‘s fierce leader.

Armed with a confident smile, blonde hair, and thick eyeliner, Chris Koo busted out some moves from Chae Yeon‘s “Shake” and 2NE1′s “I Am The Best“, adding his own unique flair to the performance.

He also danced to trot singer Tae Jin Ah‘s “Dong Ban Ja“, while showing off his ‘hip dance’.


Ludacris and YG sign an agreement to collaborate in Korea!

After rumors of a possible collaboration arose, American hip hop star Ludacris and YG Entertainment ultimately signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and will now enter the Korean market together.

On September 14th, according to the promotional team, Ludacris will visit Korea on the 19th and will hold a joint press conference with YG Entertainment’s stakeholders.

It is planned that Ludacris will feature in the songs of YG’s idol groups and also have music interactions and exchanges with them.

Ludacris will also promote his personally designed headphones, ‘Soul By Ludacris’, in Korea through YG.

PR Bridge stated, “Luadcris showed a lot of interest in K-pop and the MOU was a win. YG also wanted to show American authentic hip hop to Korea, which in effect caused YG and Luadcris to hold hands. at first for his headphone business, and will get into business.



Source: Yonhap News via Nate

by kdramacrazy @ allkpop

Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Seung Ho go head to head in Warrior Baek Dong Soo

On the September 13 episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama series Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Hong Daeju, played by Lee Won Jong, decides to draw Yeo Un, played by Yoo Seung Ho, to assassinate the prince, played by Hong Jong Hyun.

Baek Dong Soo, played by Ji Chang Wook, struggles to escort the prince, but he ends up out of his party. Alone, he gets threatened by a bunch of followers of Yeo Un. In this desperately dangerous situation, he has to face a life-and-death confrontation with Yeo Un.


Source: TVreport

minongzi @ korea.com

GD&TOP’s Japanese Debut Single Release Details

Price: 3780 Yen
– 2 CDS: GD Edition + T.O.P Edition
1) Oh Yeah
2) High High
3) Oh Yeah Instrumental
4) High High Instrumental

– 2 DVDS : “The Making” GD version + T.O.P version

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


GD&TOP to release Oh Yeah and High High in Japan this November

YG artists G-Dragon and TOP will be revealing their first Japanese single under their sub-unit in November. The single’s title track will be a Japanese version of “Oh Yeah” which features 2NE1’s Bom as an extra vocalist. “High High” was said to be included into the tracklist as well. Both songs had their lyrics revised for a Japanese release, and were made to fit to the original one as much as possible. Both songs were originally featured on GD&TOP’s debut album.

The Big Bang unit made it easier for both its members to put out music that wouldn’t be fitting for the whole group. Their first album was revealed last December and was well received by the Korean fans.

Sooyoung’s (SNSD) first love looks like T.O.P?

On the 12th, SBS aired the Chuseok special of Dalgona and Sooyoung of SNSD was a guest of this episode. Her first love, Jang Yik Hyeon, also appeared. Jang’s looks has drawn attention from the public because he apparently resembles Big Bang’s T.O.P.

Hearing how Jang looks like T.O.P, comedian Byeon Ki Soo commented to Sooyoung, “You look like Han Ga In then.”

It has been awhile since Jang saw Sooyoung. He revealed, “I was mesmerized by Sooyoung. I was trying hard to concentrate with my studies but she still caught my attention,” which made the people in the set laugh.

He elaborated, “It was only during a school picnic that I confessed while playing the “truth” game. However, Sooyoung refused my confession.”

“Happy Birthday Zico” From Block B 11/09/12-13

[CHO PD] Block B has achieved #1 in album sales on the Hanteo chart. I received the call for producing more copies while I was out of the country for work and I was worried that I had maybe ordered too much, but it seems the sales are going smoothly. Thank you to our fans, always. http://bit.ly/okjyaX

[U-KWON] Woojyo happy birthday-!

[KYUNG] Jiho, this is kind of embarrassing, but I love you and happy birthday.

[JAEHYO] Woo Jiho happy birthday

[B-BOMB] Whether you love him or hate him, Block B’s leader Woo Jiho is the best!!! Happy birthday~!!




Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

Block B at MTV Most Wanted 110909

[ENGLISH SUBS] 110909 MTV Most Wanted


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

::::Saengil Chukkae Zico::::

:….:….:….:….Make a Wish to Zico….:….:….:….:

Zico Wanna Be :

::::Be a Superstar::::

::::Be the Best Leader::::

::::Be the Best Rapper::::

::::Be a Good Boy::::

::::Be a Good Man::::

::::Be a Good Person::::

….Be a good father…. someday….

<<<::::Be a “Zico” as Woo JiHo (son pride of parents)::::>>>>

Love us with your work \(^_^)/
Hug us with your smile ㅆ__ㅆ

don’t ever sad ….. always be happy
don’t ever cry because of sad but cry because your achievement

we will always support you
we will always beside you

::::Saengil Chukkae Zico::::

Block B….Daebak

Block B…. JJang

Do U Wanna B…. Block B