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Big Bang Love Song #3 on Allkpop’s Top 10 Countdown

Direct from AKP:

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Allkpop Top 10 Countdown‘, where we throw down a premier list of what we think rounds up the best of the best in the K-Pop industry, depending on the theme of each issue.

We kick off our series with a deceptively-simple question: What are the Top 10 music videos released in 2011 thus far?

It was a gargantuan task, but we’ve sliced through hordes of music videos to deliver a sleek figure of 10, all based on factors of concept, production, creativity, innovation, and impact.

(Parts omitted)

A mysterious countdown appears on Big Bang’s Universal Music Japan Page

A mysterious countdown has appeared on Big Bang’s Universal Music Japan page. As of now, there is no announcement as for what it stands for, or what it is counting down to. Only that the countdown link itself says “Love and Hope Tour 2011”, so it is believed that it has something to do with the DVD release. We will keep everyone posted on what happens as the countdown draws to a close and new details when they become available. Stay tuned for whatever surprise Big Bang has for us is revealed.

The countdown clock stopped already. SEE UPDATE HERE


Gaon Album Chart – September 4th ~10th 2011


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com