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Ludacris names Teddy as the Korean musician he wants to meet the most

American hip hop artist Ludacris will be meeting up with YG Entertainment on September 20th to sign a collaboration agreement.

He’s already caused some considerable excitement in the Korean music industry, and that got amplified even further after he named the label’s in-house producer, Teddy, as the Korean musician he’d like to meet the most.

Ludacris chose Teddy once he was told that the majority of YG Entertainment’s hip hop music was produced by him. The rapper had previously stated that YG had the best songs that had more than enough competitive edge for the worldwide market.”

Ludacris then elaborated on why he chose Teddy, saying, “Teddy is a talented producer that knows how to bring in the club tunes and electronic hip hop elements that are so popular all over the world right now to fit Korean culture. I highly praise his composing skills because he’s able to bring in different elements like electronic and rock into traditional hip hop.”

Stay tuned for their press conference on September 20th.


Source + Photos: Segye Journal via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

G-Dragon on OnStyle’s “Style Magazine” (110917) [SUBBED]

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YG and JYP Interview on SBS Han Bam (110907)


Source: YGLadies.com / YGSRASubs

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T.O.P #4 in Monkey3’s “Top Men of Fall” survey

From September 8th until the 14th, online portal website Monkey3 held a poll asking for the “Top male celebrity for the Fall season”. The results from a total of 8,180 participants voted Kim Hyun Joong in first place with a total of 46% (3,781) of the votes, revealing the public’s overwhelming support for the idol.

Following closely in second is well known MC, Lee Seung Gi, garnering 44% (3,599) of the votes. Following the top two were Won Bin, Big Bang‘s T.O.P, So Ji Sub, and Jang Geun Suk ranking from 3rd-6th place respectively.

Source: Morning News, allkpop

Note:T.O.P’s 215 votes is a almost nothing compared to the votes #1 and #2 got but it’s still cool to see him listed with the likes of Won Bin and So Ji Sub 🙂


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G-Dragon #2 “Korean Male Star with Beautiful Legs” on MTV Taiwan (110914)


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Big Bang working on new songs with Japanese R&B singer Shikata?

Shikata, a Japanese R&B singer who worked with Big Bang before, updated his blog yesterday (16th) that he’s going to South Korea (on the 17th) to work on “something interesting” with BIGBANG. He didn’t provide any other info.

For reference, he worked with Big Bang on the Japanese lyrics of the following songs:
– Beautiful Hangover
– Top of the World
– Tonight (JP Version)
– Ms. Liar (JP Version of Stupid Liar)

Taeyang’s “manners hand” grabs attention

Taeyang’s photo, taken with a fan in Jeju Island, was uploaded on a Korean portal site with the caption, “Taeyang with a Chinese fan in Jejudo”.

In the photo, Taeyang, who was wearing a scuba diving outfit, posed with a Chinese fan smiling shyly with his left hand covering an embarrassing part.

Netizens who saw the photo commented:
“I can now feel the heat of the sun (Taeyang in Korean means sun).”
“His left hand is called the manners hand
“Skin scuba outfit is now full of Taeyang’s force.”

Source: Arts News
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates.com

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