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2ne1; Love or Music

Last September 17, the tough quartet was heard in Japan as they graced Tokyo FM (Asian KPOP) music station. Their hit songs; I am the best, Ugly and Lonely were played while they were being interviewed. Listeners were in awe as they’ve heard the Japanese versions of the songs. It made them understand and feel the music more.


2NE1 achieves an average of 14 million views on YouTube

2NE1 has achieved an impressive record on YouTube by obtaining over 10 million views for the majority of their music videos.

According to the YouTube view count total on August 22nd, 2NE1 had achieved an impressive average of 14 million views per music video.

The music video with the most views is “Fire”, the song that launched 2NE1 into the spotlight, the view count for this video is an astonishing 23,508,342 views.

In addition, “I Don’t Care” has recorded around 18,508,561 views, while “Lonely”, “Go Away”, “I Am The Best”, “Can’t Nobody”, “Clap Your Hands”, “Follow Me”, and “It hurts” all recorded well over 10 million views each.

Out of the 11 music videos 2NE1 has released on YouTube, 9 have achieved well over 10 million views, and when averaged out, the views come out to be around 14 million per video!


Choir version of “Heartbreaker” on Qualifying Men (110918)


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Taeyang shares an inspirational message with fans (110919)


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