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‘Teen Park Bom’ Dia awes viewers with her godly singing

Dia(19) famous for being called the ‘Teen Park Bom‘ during her debut period, has recently garnered massive attention for her singing.

Dia recently guested on KyungTV‘s Chuseok special, ‘Happy Recharge 2pm‘ and gave a live performance of 2NE1 Park Bom‘s “You & I” and singer Park Jung Hyun‘s “I Hope It Would Be That Way Now“.

Despite her young age, Dia gave an amazing performance and drew explosive interest from the audience.  Viewers were blown away by her performance and complimented, “She has the voice of a goddess!” and “Her beautiful voice has found a true master“.

Her performance video was not only popular among tv viewers, but has already collected thousands of viewers through several online sites.

Dia is currently promoting her recent track, “My Soo” and is preparing to realease a new album.

Check out her live performance of “You & I” below!



Source + Photos: mydaily via Naver

by MrTuxedo @ allkpop

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