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Daesung to return for “2012 Big Show”?

Big Bang’s Daesung could very well be making his comeback with the group in February of 2012.

Daesung was forced to withdraw from all promotions for the remainder of the year due to a scandal involving the death of a motorcyclist. Back in May, Daesung had run over a motorcyclist on the road, who had previously crashed and was lying unconscious on the road. Investigations dragged on for months, and Daesung was eventually found not guilty for his involvement with the motorcyclist’s death. For that reason, there’s a slightly bigger chance that Daesung will be returning sooner than expected.

Almost every year, Big Bang holds their February “Big Show” concert, and it’s rumored that Daesung will make his comeback through that event.

G-Dragon writes his songs even in a crowded airport?

Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s airport photo is the latest buzz on the web, but not for the reasons one might expect from a fashionista like GD himself.

The photo above was posted on an online community board on the 23rd under the title, “G-Dragon writes his songs even at the airport”.

The poster described, “G-Dragon was standing in the baggage claim area wearing a headphone. Then suddenly he took out a piece of paper and started writing something on it. I took a peek at it and I was surprised to see that he as writing music notes”.

As you can see in the photo G-Dragon is in a busy airport with many people around him, but when his musical genius kicks in he has to write his songs regardless of the time or place.

The Various Expressions of the “Beautiful Target” B1A4


How do you think of Baro’s new hairs?

like whatever…. Baro still cute ^_^

Source : itsallaboutb1a4.tumblr.com

Dara Sends Her Support to Big Bang

2NE1’s Sandara Park cheered for her labelmates Big Bang as they had been nominated on the “2011 MTV Europe Music Awards”.

On September 23rd, Dara updated her me2day saying, Doodoong! The BIG BANG sunbaes have been chosen to represent South Korea in the MTV Europe Music Awards!+.+ It’s a chance to showcase a handsome side as a representative of Asia in Europe!!! Kya~!!! Hope to see them in the awards show! Let’s cheer them on!!! BIG BANG~!!! Fighting fighting Ya Ya Ya!!!^0^

Big Bang has been nominated for “World Wide Act Asia Pacific Nominees” category.


Written By : JHEZWAFU @ dkpopnews.net

[INTERVIEW] INFINITE On October 2011 Issue Of GQ Magazine


Q: Clothes that the sexiest woman would be wearing?

A: Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ outfit.

Q: As you’ve been living as an idol, is there something that differs from what you imagined?

A: The difficulty of keeping my weight and lack of sleep.


CNBLUE 2nd Album Release Live~392~ Concert Merchandise


【CNBLUE】 9月25日に行われる『CNBLUE 2nd Album Release Live~392~』横浜アリーナライブのオフィシャルグッズです。ぜひチェックしてみてください。


【CNBLUE】 Official merchandise for『CNBLUE 2nd Album Release Live~392~』on Sept 25 at Yokohama Arena。Please check them out。

More info coming soon!

Source: @fncmusicjapan on Twitter, cnblue.jp
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

Written by : SHAYNE KAY @ dkpopnews.net

“Let’s Rock Festival” reveals line-up for September 24th and 25th concerts

Next weekend on September 24th and 25th, another big rock festival will be taking place in Korea and will feature most of the well-known Korean rock bands including Pia, YB, 015B and more. Performances for both days will begin around half past 11 and will end around half past 9.

The 2-day tickets for the festival are already sold out, but 1-day tickets for each individual days are still available. Children born after 2004 will receive free entrance to the festival.

Saturday’s line-up includes lakinrad, J rabbit, The Moonshiners, Setrips, DayBreak, Urban Zakapa, Go Go Star, Guckkasten, YB, The KOXX, Transfixion, 015B, and more.

Sunday’s line-up on the other hand is filled with bands as Pia, Bye Bye Sea, Schizo, Boohwal, Munni, TOXIC, Vanilla Unit, No Brain, Romantic Punch, Dear Cloud, and many others.

Be sure to check out the full line-up and timetable on the Festival’s website.


Source: Let’s Rock

by TwistedInsanity @ koreaboo.com

Members of B2ST are compared to various animals, Du Jun-Lion and Gi Kwang-Puppy

Mnet’s Boom The K-POP analyzed just how popular B2ST is in Japan. Japanese fans seemed to love Korean beastly idols rather than cute Japanese idols.

A survey titled, “What animal resembles the members of B2ST?” was held in Shin-Okubo, the center of Korean Wave in Japan.

Fans compared wild Du Jun with a lion, cool and handsome Joon Hyung with a wolf, childish Gi Kwang with a puppy, and cute Yo Seop with a chick.

However, the members of the B2ST compared Yo Seop with a sparrow and Hyun Seung with a sloth.



Source: TvReport

Posted By : ilnungcha @ korea.com

T.O.P #1 Idol Star with Unique Habits on Arirang [VIDEO]

Check it out the video below :


BS Japan Block B Cut

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