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Daesung to return for “2012 Big Show”?

Big Bang’s Daesung could very well be making his comeback with the group in February of 2012.

Daesung was forced to withdraw from all promotions for the remainder of the year due to a scandal involving the death of a motorcyclist. Back in May, Daesung had run over a motorcyclist on the road, who had previously crashed and was lying unconscious on the road. Investigations dragged on for months, and Daesung was eventually found not guilty for his involvement with the motorcyclist’s death. For that reason, there’s a slightly bigger chance that Daesung will be returning sooner than expected.

Almost every year, Big Bang holds their February “Big Show” concert, and it’s rumored that Daesung will make his comeback through that event.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk cautiously commented, “We are still careful about Daesung’s comeback to the industry; for now, Daesung has no promotional activities. We will try to bring Daesung back, but instead of through a program on TV, I think a concert where fans can really see him up-close and personal would be better.”

He concluded, “Of course, we haven’t even confirmed whether we will hold next year’s February ‘Big Show’ concert yet.”

Currently, Daesung is actively involved in his church and doing small services for the community while taking this period of hiatus to reflect.

Source: Allkpop, Nate

Shared by Vic @ bigbangupdates.com

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