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G-Dragon writes his songs even in a crowded airport?

Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s airport photo is the latest buzz on the web, but not for the reasons one might expect from a fashionista like GD himself.

The photo above was posted on an online community board on the 23rd under the title, “G-Dragon writes his songs even at the airport”.

The poster described, “G-Dragon was standing in the baggage claim area wearing a headphone. Then suddenly he took out a piece of paper and started writing something on it. I took a peek at it and I was surprised to see that he as writing music notes”.

As you can see in the photo G-Dragon is in a busy airport with many people around him, but when his musical genius kicks in he has to write his songs regardless of the time or place.

After seeing the photo the netizens commented, “So this is how managed to write more than 100 songs”, “It’s nice to see him concentrating so hard”, “He looks good even when he’s writing songs”, and so on.

Source: Donga via Nate
Translation by JJ @ kpopfever.com

Shared by Vic @ bigbangupdates.com

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