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FT Island, BEAST, G.NA, Teen Top, and A Pink will perform at Good Friends Charity Premium Concert

Idol singers FT Island, BEAST, G.NA, Teen Top, and A Pink will be guest performers at the Good Friends Charity Premium Concert 2011, its organizers have confirmed. The concert will be held on November 20th at 5:30pm at the Yokohama Arena in Japan.

Good Friends Save The Children (GFSC) as well as the Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange Association (JKCA) have organized the concert with help from KBS Japan and Mnet. Proceeds from the concert will help fund education and psychological help for children affected by the earthquake in March; some children will also visit Korea to meet Koreans who supported earthquake relief. Tickets are 9,800 yen, and members or supporters of GFSC and JKCA have the opportunity to receive tickets before sales go public. Ticket information for the public is not yet available, but we will update readers when it is released.

Sources: RoyalGNA, japankorea.org, GFSC

by orchid @ koreaboo.com

“Kimchi Bus” heading out on a global tour

The “Kimchi Bus” project is designed to improve the awareness of kimchi throughout the world. During the 400-day period, three young Korean cooks are planning to take global bus tour traversing almost all the northern hemisphere as long as 52,000 km, and introducing Korean kimchi foods to local people, one day in a small town and the other day by holding a huge festival.

Ryu Si-hyeong, the leader of the project, says, “I know that Kimchi has already well known among foreigners, but it’s also true that there are scanty opportunities for them to taste the Korean food. I’ve felt genuinely sorry about the situation. That’s why I designed this project in an attempt to spread the unique flavor and health benefits across the world by adopting Kimchi as an ingredient, not a side dish, not main dish, into local foods of each western region.”

Staring from the World Kimchi Culture Festival to hold in Gwangju in October 15 to 19, the three cooks will set on a 400-day global tour largely covering from Russia to Europe, to the US.

In addition, the young cooks have created 30 to 40 pieces of new kimchi recipes to captivate the taste buds of people from across the world by using kimchi directly airlifted from Korea.


K-pop band Big Bang brings the house down

Even with just three members, out of the original five, K-pop band Big Bang brought the house down last night (Sept 23) with loads of energy and declarations of love for their Singapore fans.