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MBLAQ’s Mir has his leg wounded

MBLAQ’s Mir recently had his leg wounded during the volunteer work in Peru.

On the 26th, MBC said Mir went to Peru to shoot KOICA’s Dream and had his leg wounded while he was making bricks to build a toilet. He used pickax and it slightly hit his knee.

Even though his knee was bruised and swollen, he continued working. He even had a surgery for his lumbar disc this year, but he volunteered to dig the ground.

Mir said, “The show originally cast Joon, but I really wanted to do volunteer work so I asked to send me to Peru. The crew member worried about my back but I said I can do everything. So I have to work harder.”

He added, “When I visited school to inspect the principal cooked potatoes and eggs for me. Those are the food that children here cannot eat to the full. I’m doing my best to thank for it.”

Besides Mir, many celebrities, including, Kim Ho Jin, Koo Jun Yeob, Park Jung Ah, Park Bo Young, and MBLAQ’s G.O are currently volunteering in Peru.


Source: Starnews

By : dkrogers @ korea.com

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