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KBS’s “Top Band” draws diverse audience + Broken Valentine completes an interview

Last week, the Rolling Hall Club in Seoul’s Hongdae district was crowded with a big amount of people, trying to get their way into the venue to watch the “Top Band” concert. Rock bands such as Toxic, Aissisaida, Burnout House, and Broken Valentine appeared on the KBS2 show “Top Band,” a show which can be easily compared to idol shows such as “I Am A Singer” or “Immortal Song 2.” This one however, stars rock bands instead of idol singers.

Many different kinds of people showed up for the concert, and many shared the same thoughts – hoping that rock music would turn out to be more popular in the future. “I enjoy watching ‘Top Band’ every Saturday night with my son,” said 40 year old Lee Sangyong. The man was heading to the venue with his wife and 12 year old son. “I hope it provides a chance for band music to become widely known,” another 38-year-old guest said. “I used to mostly listen to idol music like that of Big Bang and SHINee, then I watched ‘Top Band’ and became a fan of Broken Valentine. Today is the first time I have been to a live music club in Hongdae, too, so I am really excited.”

Two groups, Toxic and Broken Valentine, had to compete against each other during one of the “Top Band” episodes and again at this performance, both groups took it on to confront each other, just slightly giving the win to Toxic in the end.

After the gig, rock band Broken Valentine found there were more things left to be told on television, and they hoped to be able to show their music in many different places. “We are working harder on our album and aim to release it by the beginning of next year at the latest,” said the group. The group already started out around 10 years ago, and beat ten teams from different Asian countries to win the top price and Yamaha’s “Asian Beat Grand Finals” award.

The band was also quoted saying that rock bands don’t say bad things about each other because they know how hard the work is and how hard it is to stay together and make music.

Broken Valentine entered the competition of “Top Band” when they felt they needed an opportunity to get their music out there. “We had dreamed of a utopia where idol singers and bands compete side by side. So at first we thought about entering the Mnet show ‘Superstar K.’ But we thought ‘Top Band’ would be better for conveying band music properly,” said band member Seonghwan.

Source: hankyoreh

by TwistedInsanity @ koreaboo.com

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