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Prince Kyu Jong Treats Children to a Musical

Kim Kyu Jong who plays Prince Lee Shin in the musical Goong, recently got an opportunity to play a prince in the real world!

KyuJong is a well known ambassador and active promoter at the Heart 2 Heart foundation. He recently played host to a group of undernourished children at the rehearsals for his musical. After showing the children around and spending some quality time with them, he also posed for photographs with the children and signed autographs for the entire lot. This gesture was no lesser than that of a prince’s to these children, as it brought a glow of happiness on their young faces.


MBLAQ to release Japanese “MONA LISA STYLE” DVD on December 7th

Five member group MBLAQ will be releasing a “MONA LISA STYLE” DVD in Japan on December 7th. The group revealed the news through their official Japanese webpage earlier today. Together with many different interviews with the boys, the DVD will also include a “MONA LISA” document, video footage, behind-the-scenes on their last MV shoot and 3 different versions (Dance, Close-up and Director’s version) for their “MONA LISA” MV.

A special photo edition will include a 60-page photobook, 6 photo cards and 2 sheets of stickers.

MBLAQ will also move on to release their second Japanese single as soon as October 26th, titled “Baby U”. The song will be used as an opening song for the anime “Beelzebub”, starting October 2nd.



Source: MBLAQ

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CNBLUE’s “In My Head” chosen as “Supernatural the Animation” ending song

With CNBLUE‘s first major single on its way, many things are happening for the rock band. After a performance as the opener for the Linkin Park concert, a tour which took them through different Asian countries, a new Japanese tour in December and the release of their first major single, CNBLUE’s Japanese record label Warner was pleased to announce that the band’s new single was chosen as the ending song for “Supernatural the Animation”.

The animation series, or anime, is based upon the American series of the same name, in which brothers Sam and Dean go on a hunt for demons and other supernatural creatures.

The series previously had a few of its episodes revealed through a DVD release, but will be finally getting its first broadcast through NTV. It will air every Thursday starting October 4th as a midnight series.

Source: CNBLUEjp

by TwistedInsanity @ koreaboo.com

CNBLUE to tour Japan this December

Korean rock band CNBLUE is set to kick off their concert tour in Japan this December. Debuting through a major Japanese company this October, CNBLUE’s Japanese website announced that the band will hold their concert tour in the country starting off with Zepp Sendai on the 4th of December.

They will continue the tour by holding performances in Zepp Nagoya on the 4th of December, Zepp Osaka on the 14th and will wrap the tour in Tokyo’s Yoyohi National Gymnasium two days after.

CNBLUE is set to release their first Japanese major release “In My Head” next month, after teasing fans with the official tracklist, concept photos and the full music video. The single is due to be unveiled on the 19th of October, and will include a regular and limited edition release.

They are currently working on “BLUESTORM“, their concert series which takes them through various different countries and cities.


Source: 10Asiae

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Block B at Buzz Korea [ENGLISH SUBS]

[ENGLISH SUBS] Buzz Korea (1/2)


[CYWORLD] 110927 P.O.’s Cyworld Diary Update

Kyungie hyung, I love and respect you. Really, there’s no hyung like you. Kyungie hyung is the best.



Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

Supreme Team’s Simon D reveals his solo goals for the year

On September 26th, Supreme Team‘s Simon D dropped some information regarding his upcoming solo comeback.

Through his Twitter, the rapper wrote, “When my new album is released, I hope to perform at events more than being on TV.  Even if it isn’t anything impressive or spectacular, my dream this year is to go on a simple, small nationwide tour.”

Simon D released “Hero” ahead of his full album’s release on September 5th as well as “Stay Cool” on the 20th.  Both tracks provided fans with his distinctive style as well as inspirational messages.

Netizens commented, “I’m really looking forward to his first solo album”, “I still miss him on variety shows”, “I hope that he achieves his dream of a nationwide tour”, and “Whether on TV or on stage, I’m always anticipating his work.”


JYJ’s Junsu admits he felt pain after hearing TVXQ’s “Don’t Say Goodbye”

On September 25th, JYJ‘s Junsu confessed that he felt heartbroken when he heard TVXQ‘s “Don’t Say Goodbye” recently.