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CNBLUE to tour Japan this December

Korean rock band CNBLUE is set to kick off their concert tour in Japan this December. Debuting through a major Japanese company this October, CNBLUE’s Japanese website announced that the band will hold their concert tour in the country starting off with Zepp Sendai on the 4th of December.

They will continue the tour by holding performances in Zepp Nagoya on the 4th of December, Zepp Osaka on the 14th and will wrap the tour in Tokyo’s Yoyohi National Gymnasium two days after.

CNBLUE is set to release their first Japanese major release “In My Head” next month, after teasing fans with the official tracklist, concept photos and the full music video. The single is due to be unveiled on the 19th of October, and will include a regular and limited edition release.

They are currently working on “BLUESTORM“, their concert series which takes them through various different countries and cities.


Source: 10Asiae

by ohgelie @ koreaboo.com

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