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MBLAQ to release Japanese “MONA LISA STYLE” DVD on December 7th

Five member group MBLAQ will be releasing a “MONA LISA STYLE” DVD in Japan on December 7th. The group revealed the news through their official Japanese webpage earlier today. Together with many different interviews with the boys, the DVD will also include a “MONA LISA” document, video footage, behind-the-scenes on their last MV shoot and 3 different versions (Dance, Close-up and Director’s version) for their “MONA LISA” MV.

A special photo edition will include a 60-page photobook, 6 photo cards and 2 sheets of stickers.

MBLAQ will also move on to release their second Japanese single as soon as October 26th, titled “Baby U”. The song will be used as an opening song for the anime “Beelzebub”, starting October 2nd.



Source: MBLAQ

by TwistedInsanity @ koreaboo.com

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