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Prince Kyu Jong Treats Children to a Musical

Kim Kyu Jong who plays Prince Lee Shin in the musical Goong, recently got an opportunity to play a prince in the real world!

KyuJong is a well known ambassador and active promoter at the Heart 2 Heart foundation. He recently played host to a group of undernourished children at the rehearsals for his musical. After showing the children around and spending some quality time with them, he also posed for photographs with the children and signed autographs for the entire lot. This gesture was no lesser than that of a prince’s to these children, as it brought a glow of happiness on their young faces.

After the mini-event, an ecstatic KyuJong commented saying, After the performance of musical ‘Goong’ ended in Japan, I was very busy with the preparations for the performance in Korea as well as preparing for my solo album. I showed the children how I performed, and we talked, took photos, etc, having the time to share what I have makes me feel very happy. If I have given happiness to the children during the time spent together, then there is nothing more to wish for.

Don’t you wish there were more ‘Princes’ like KyuJong?



Sources : dkpopnews (news and picture), obsesswithss501 (picture).

Posted By TANVI @ hellokpop.com

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