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2NE1 Became the 3rd International Artist to Debut at 1st Place on Oricon Chart

Korean girl group 2NE1’s Japan debut mini album “NOLZA” took 1st place in the 10/3 Oricon weekly album ranking. 2NE1 is the 3rd international artist/group to debut at 1st place, following t.A.T.u.’s “t.A.T.u.” in March 2003 and Jang Geun Suk’s “Let Me Cry” in April, 2011. 2NE1, of course, is the first to achieve the brilliant feat of debuting at no.1 for female Korean artists.

Hyuna comes in at number 17 on Billboard’s “21 Under 21” chart this year

Every year at about this time, Billboard releases their “21 Under 21” chart which showcases the music industry’s hottest minor artists. The list is compiled not only of musicians from the United States, but also international artists as well. On August 25th, Billboard announced their official “K-Pop Hot 100” Chart, which has been launched in conjunction with Billboard Korea. Billboard is aware of the current popularity of Korean Pop artists, and took them into consideration for this year’s list.

T-ara’s Jiyeon voted as girl group member with the most beautiful face

Between the 5th and the 24th of this month, a plastic surgery hospital conducted a survey asking, “Who has the most beautiful face out of the members of all the girl idol groups?” Results have been compiled and with 47.7% of the votes, T-ara’s Jiyeon grabbed the number one spot. Behind Jiyeon, f(x)’s Sulli gathered 22.3% of the votes and came in second, while 2NE1’s Bom closed out the top 3 with 18.5% of the votes.

The organization responsible for the survey revealed, “People’s impression of Jiyeon is her cuteness. She has a small face, but her features are very distinct, thus making her expressions look extremely cute. Meanwhile, Sulli and Bom both have a beautiful, child-like faces.”

Additionally, a source from the CF industry also commented, “Jiyeon is cute yet also feminine. Her outgoing and straightforward personality is loved by a lot of young females, and she is being looked up to by many people. This favourable impression makes her to be a good choice to be different brands’ model.”

In regards to this survey, netizens expressed, “This is the most logical result,” and “Why did they conduct this type of survey?”

Do you agree with the results?
Source: Korea Star Daily

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Seungri has the potential to be the next Kang Ho Dong? (110928)

On an episode of Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘ that aired on the 27th, the topic of who could be the next greatest MC to fill the shoes of legendary Kang Ho Dong was discussed.

The characteristics they were looking for were ‘cute’, ‘an insatiable appetite for meat’, ‘highly energetic’, ‘loved by all generations’, ‘speaks extremely well’, etc.

The celebrity at the top of the ‘high energy’ list? None other than Big Bang‘s maknae, Seungri. He was chosen for his intense vivacity, others on the list were Leessang‘s Gary, Seo In Young & comedian Park Myung Soo.

Seungri’s speaking abilities rivals Kang Ho Dong and he’s remarkably popular and even has his own sights on running a business. When he was a guest star on ‘Strong Heart‘, he made everyone on set explode in laughter as he spoke, and he and the rest of Big Bang are becoming increasingly popular not only in Korea but overseas as well, enough to be called the faces of this Hallyu wave. Seungri has plans to open an academy in Junrado, Gwangju, Daejun and even one in China.

Big Bang for MTV EMA “World Wide Act – Asia Pacific Nominee” (110927)




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Seungri Me2Day Update (110927)

코 카 콜 라 마 시 따 마 시 쓰 면 또 먹 지 알 아 맞 춰 보 세 요 딩 동 댕 동 ~
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Translation: Coca-Cola is tasty, if it’s tasty I’ll drink it again, try to guess what it is, ding dong daeng dong
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Taeyang Twitter Update (110927)

SOLAR CONCERT 1주년:) 그때의 감동은 아직도 제 가슴에 남아있습니다.. 더 늦기전에 다시 만나요 Thank you..!

Translation: SOLAR CONCERT 1 year anniversary 🙂 The feeling then of being deeply moved still remains in my heart.. Let’s meet up again soon Thank you..!
NOTE: Cake in picture says “Awesome! Taeyang”

Translation: Sara @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff

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Korean Music Wave 2011 hits Malaysia [NEWS/VIDEO]

It was a scream fest at the Korean Music Wave 2011 concert as over 10 thousand K-Pop fans showed up and cheered for their favourite artists at Stadium Merdeka last night.

The concert, which features six of the biggest Korean acts, including Big Bang, Park Jung Min, F-T Island, U-Kiss, 4Minute and Teen Top is the first ever major Korean music event held in Malaysia.

Dressed in sexy colourful ensemble, the singers entertained the crowd with their explosive hit tunes, enchanting ballads and energetic dance routines.

Even the fans were seen singing along in unison with their favourite stars.

MBLAQ’s Thunder invites Big Bang’s Seungri out for salmon

On September 27th, MBLAQ‘s Thunder revealed a fatigued-looking selca of himself along with a special message to Big Bang‘s Seungri.

Through his Twitter, Thunder wrote, “Revealing my dark circles!  Seungri-ya~ let’s go eat salmon.”

Seungri is known for his panda-like dark circles, hence the mention in the tweet.  Some also believe that eating salmon will help lighten up your dark circles, but it seems Thunder needs sleep more than anything.  His dark circles especially stand out against his pale white skin and bleached hair.

Fans commented, I heard that broccoli is better than salmon”, “Go catch some salmon with Seungri oppa one day”, and “You must be really tired lately.”



Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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