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Jang Geunsuk announces his official Facebook page

After making headlines for his various tweets on social networking site Twitter, Jang Geunsuk announced the creation of his official Facebook page.

Earlier today, Jang Geunsuk posted a tweet saying, “Actor Jang’s Facebook is open. Actor JKS official facebook link as below, please follow me. I want to advance into Facebook, come quickly to support.”

However, hours after he posted the initial link, Tree J Company updated their own Twitter account with a new one. Jang Geunsuk then rectified the mistake and retweeted the new official link.

As of the moment, Jang Geunsuk’s official Facebook page received 22,522 likes and is still being tediously updated by agency. You can visit his official page at www.facebook.com/jangkeunsuk0804.

Source: @AsiaPrince_JKS and JangKeunsukForever

Photo : www.facebook.com/jangkeunsuk0804

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Asia Song Festival adds Newcomer Showcase featuring Korean rookie artists such as HITT, Rania, Chocolat, and more

After announcing the line-up for the Asia Song Festival, the organization revealed plans of adding a Newcomer Showcase to the event.

Rookie groups X-5, Chocolat, Rania, APRIL KISS, HITT, and solo artist Leesa will be taking part in the newcomer event and will be able to showcase their talents.

The Asia Song Festival will include various artists from different Asian countries with Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and Lee Seunggi representing South Korea, while mixed group AAA and girl group Perfume will be representing Japan. Thailand, Taiwan, and China will be represented by Tata Young, Peter Ho, and BiBi Chou respectively. Leo Ku from Hong Kong will also be present at the festival.

The concert will take place on October 15th at the Daegu Stadium in Korea.

Source: Kjstar

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Jay Park says, “I had to hold my laugh while shooting Mr. Idol”

Singer Jay Park reveals that the most challenging thing while shooting the movie Mr. Idol was “laugh.”

On the 28th, Park appeared at the movie production conference which was held in Seoul and said, “I passed the audition at once.”

He continued, “I shot a film last year, but I experienced greater things while shooting this one. I don’t appear much in the film, but I think movie director did a great job on this.”

“I learned how to read the lines lively and act them out. The most challenging thing was to hold a laugh while shooting comic scenes. Actor Lim Won Hee was the funniest.”


Daesung’s Recent Activities at His Local Church

Big Bang member Daesung has currently put all of his entertainment activities on hold after a car accident incident that took place in May.

The singer went through some psychological shock and since then have kept mostly to himself- even refusing to spend much time with his family. But recently, pictures of him at a church have surfaced, and this is the first time fans have heard any news about him in months. It seems as though Daesung is spending a lot of quality time within his church community lately.

Almost immediately after he decided to take some time off, a new and absurd rumor about him began circling that drove the netizens wild. Not only was Daesung simply rumored to be getting married, netizens had details as to when, where and even to whom. This was also rumored to be posted on his church’s bulletin, making the news seem all the more legitimate. YG Entertainment stated that the news was indeed absurd and that Daesung really wasn’t in a position to be getting married so soon after what had just took place. Although the rumors subsided, everyone became more curious to know his whereabouts, and wanted to know what he’s been doing during his time away.

According to YG, “Daesung needs to take some time alone not only so that he’ll be ready to promote with Big Bang again, but because his fans want to see the bright and cheery Daesung on stage once again. He not only appeals to young fans, but older fans, both male and female.”

Is Seungri Shooting a CF for “Coca Cola”?

Big Bang‘s Seungri recently updated his me2day with a photo that’s caused some netizens to wonder if he’s shooting a CF.

On September 27th, Seungri left a mysterious post on his homepage, saying, “Coca Cola is yummy. If it’s yummy, then I’ll eat it again. Try guessing. Ding Dong Daeng Dong.”
In the photo, Seungri gives the camera a mischievous smirk as he poses in front of a Coca Cola sign.

Netizens immediately bombarded his homepage with comments like, “Are you shooting a CF?”, “Ah your face got slimmer! Did you go on a diet for something…?” and “Tease tease tease!”

Source: Naver
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Big Bang “Love and Hope Tour 2011” Special Live Spot [VIDEO]



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G-Dragon and Seungri Me2Day Updates (110928)

Update: 승리야 이게더 맛있어 -써니텐 모델-

Translation: Seungri-ya, these taste better -Sunny 10 model-

Update: 목마른사람 손~~^_^ !!!!! 지용이형이 추천한 써니텐~ 굿뜨굿뜨

Translation: Raise your hand if you’re thirsty~~^_^ !!!!! The Sunny 10 that Jiyong hyung recommended~ Good good

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Sources: http://me2day.net/g-dragon , http://me2day.net/viofbb
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