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Netizens pick B2ST’s Doojoon as the perfect autumn date

B2ST‘s Yoon Doojoon was chosen as the star netizens most wanted to spend an autumn night with.

Music specialist site Monkey 3 held a poll from September 22nd to the 28th with the question, “What star would you like to be with on a sleepless autumn night?“. Doojoon won 1st, followed by Ji Sung and Gong Yoo, respectively.

Yoon Doojoon placed 1st with 131 votes, 29% of the overall votes. The reasoning behind his popularity was found in the netizens’ reactions, which varied from, “Of course, because he’s the boyfriend idol” to “I want to be link our arms together affectionately~ He’s the perfect date for an autumn stroll.

Ji Sung, who stars in SBS‘s ‘Protect the Boss‘, won 2nd with 18% of the votes, while Gong Yoo, who’s gaining much popularity with his movie ‘Crucible‘, won 3rd with 15% of the votes.


Boyfriend reveals cover for “Don’t Touch My Girl”

Idol group Boyfriend has just revealed the album cover for their second single, ‘Don’t Touch My Girl‘  through their official Facebook and Twitter.

The boys showcase a more masculine charisma for this single, as seen by their strong gazes and short hairstyles. The red designs on the cover heighten the sense of aggression felt by their title alone.

In addition to their song ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’, the boys will also release ‘Warning‘. Boyfriend will drop their second single on October 6th.


Source: TV Daily via Nate

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Sandara Park reveals 2NE1′s next Japanese single

2NE1‘s Sandara Park updated fans while enjoying her last day in Korea before returning to Japan for their NOLZA Japanese tour.


Kim Jun, who enters the military today, plays the guitar

On the 28th, Kim Jun revealed forty black and white photos of his solo pictorial “Private Kim Jun” on his official facebook (http://www.facebook.com/OfficialKimJun).

The picture varies from Kim Jun who is listening to music bottomless, only wearing a box t-shirt, to innocent young Kim Jun who is smiling at the camera with a cigarette in his mouth.

The fans who viewed the photos commented: “Even your daily life is a pictorial.” “Your handsomeness makes many fans tremble in excitement.”

Kim Jun tweeted, “It’s tomorrow! I think I have nothing to worry since many fans have already been concerned about me. I have many things that I want to do at the moment, but I will control my mind and come back soon. I will be more intimate with ‘Kim Hyung Joon’ by the time I come back. I will come back as soon as possible!”


Chun Dung of Mblaq looks totally different with his new hair

On the 29th, Chun Dung uploaded a picture and tweeted, “I changed my hair.”

In the picture, Chun Dung hair looked as if it is waving in the wind. Dyeing his hair black from the bright toned hair, Chun Dung exposed his forehead and created a mysterious atmosphere.

Netizens commented: “You look mysterious with your new hair.” “You look great in any hair.” “Changing your hair changed your image 100%.”

Chun Dung’s Mblaq created a stir by taking first place on the music charts of various European countries including Germany and Bulgaria.

Source: TV Report

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G-Dragon voted #3 ‘Multi Idol’ on MNet (110928) [VIDEO]


Source: MNet via fiat50091@YT

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Yeon Jeong Hoon,’the vampire image of G-Dragon is the best, he is my role model.’

Actor Yeon Jeong Hoon said Big Bang member, G-Dragon is his ‘role model’ for acting as a ‘vampire’ which attracted attention from the public.

On 28th, Yeon Jeong Hoon attented the press conference of the new drama of CGV, ‘Vampire Prosecutor’.
Yeon Jeong Hoon has to take up the character  of vampire.He thinks it is challengling for him to take  up such a role since he needs to place emphasis on the outlook, too. He said, ‘Big Bang’s G-Dragon has well established the visual image of a vampire.’

He further elaborated,’ in fact, at first I tried to watch foreign dramas and movies as my reference but after knowing there is such a large variety of vampire images, I prefer to take G-Dragon as my role model. I think among all of the Koreans, G-Dragon is the best in acting as a vampire. Personally, I am his fan.’

The drama is about one day, Yeon Jeong Hoon has become a vampire and how he tries to use his hidden ability to solve the cases for the Repulic of Korea.
The drama will be broadcasted as a 12-part drama on OCN and the first episode will be shown on 2nd of October.


Source: clubcity.kr
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Taeyang’s brother,Dong Hyun Bae makes his debut in a drama

Dong Hyun Bae (Taeyang‘s brother) has taken part in a drama of TvN, ‘Flower Boys, Casting oh! Boy‘ .

The drama will be shown on TvN in the first half of the next year. The story is about what happens to a band of a high school which tries to cast new members for their team.

Dong Hyun Bae does not only look as charming as his brother does but he is also an intelligent and talented performer. Having pursued a degree of acting, Dong Hyun Bae has shown his potential as ac actor in the film,’Transformation Story’ and he shows that he is advancing to be a successful actor step by step.

Meanwhile, the video showing his starring in the drama will be broadcasted at midnight of 3rd of October.

Source: etoday
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Who is Jay Park’s favorite girl group?


Singer Jay Park recently confessed that his favorite girl group was none other than 2NE1!

Jay Park’s upcoming movie, ‘Mr. Idol‘, held a press conference on September 28th to promote their movie to the media. During the Q&A session, the cast members were asked to name their favorite idol group. Jay Park chose 2NE1, and his co-star Im Won Hee concurred. Actress Park Ye Jin also chose 2NE1, but named Big Bang as well. Meanwhile, Ji Hyun Woo chose Chocolat and Jang Seo Won picked SNSD.

Jay Park’s movie ‘Mr. Idol’ will be released in October.



Source + Image: Star Today

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TVXQ and 2NE1 also top the Oricon charts

K-Pop groups are sweeping the Oricon charts this week!  In addition to T-ara‘s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” topping the Oricon daily singles chart, TVXQs “Tone” has also come out on top for the daily album sales chart!

TVXQ has sold a total of 105,484 copies of their “Tone” album thus far, ranking them at the top of the albums category.  Right next to them this week are T-ara and 2NE1, who’s topped the weekly albums chart with ‘NOLZA‘, recording 26,334 in sales.

September 28th will surely be a memorable day for most K-Pop fans as stars continue their streak of success in Japan.



Source + Photos: X Sports News via Naver

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INFINITE establishes status as ‘trend idols’ by ranking #1 on Olle-=h’s ‘Social Chart’

INFINITE has topped Olleh Music‘s ‘Social Chart’, proving their status once again as Korea’s ‘trend idols’.

With the release of their 1st repackaged album, ”Paradise“, on September 26th, INFINITE became the #1 searched term on various portal sites. They also secured 1st place on Olleh Music’s ‘Social Chart’.

The ‘Social Chart’ monitors songs netizens recommend and listen to the most. As soon as the album was released, INFINITE’s title track, “Paradise”, peaked to #1, while their previous songs like “BTD” and “Be Mine” also ranked in the top.

To commemorate the event, Olleh Music held a Twitter fan date with INFINITE on September 28th. As soon as the event started, INFINITE’s Twitter was bombarded with questions from fans all over the world, including the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Member Woohyun, as the representative of the group, answered questions from fans both within Korea as well as overseas during the 30-minute event.


SS501′s Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyung Jun visit M! Countdown to support Kim Kyu Jong’s solo debut

To support Kim Kyu Jong‘s solo debut, fellow SS501 members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun personally made a visit to the set of Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘!

On September 29th, the official ‘M! Countdown’ Twitter updated with a picture of the trio and the message, “Hyung Jun & Young Saeng came to support Kyu Jong’s solo debut. Kim Kyu Jong prepared for his solo stage amidst a friendly and heartwarming atmosphere.”

Dressed in his stage outfit, Kyu Jong can be seen posing between his two handsomely dressed group members. With arms slung over one another’s shoulders, the group smile for the camera while giving a thumbs-up for good luck.

Fans commented, “Such a friendly picture”, “He must feel so strong to have his members supporting him for his first stage”, and “Let’s make a daebak with your solo!”



Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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Final round of ‘K-POP Cover Dance Festival’ to be held in Korea on October 3rd

After touring the world and witnessing some great acts from many international fans, the ‘K-POP Cover Dance Festival’ will be holding its final round on October 3rd at the Gyeongju Indoor Stadium.

The show kicked off in June with 1,700 applicants from 64 countries during the 1st preliminary online round. Starting from September 6th, the second round was held all over the world with idol stars flying out to different countries to act as guest judges. SHINee travelled to Russia, MBLAQ went to Brazil, and f(x) and miss A flew over to L.A. Meanwhile, KARA and T-ara stepped into Japan, 2PM went to Thailand, and Spain got a visit from B2ST. Overall, the idols help picked 66 contestants from 10 different countries to compete in the final round in Korea.

The final contestants from the second round were invited to Korea on September 28th for a 7-night, 8-day trip that included seats to a Korean Cultural Performance, a meeting with Hallyu stars, a tour of Korea’s historical landmarks in Gyeongju, and for the final winner of the show – the chance to perform at the Hallyu Dream Concert.


2NE1′s Dara poses prettily in a hanbok

2NE1‘s Dara dolled up in a beautiful pink hanbok for what looks to be a new photoshoot.

On September 28th, she updated her Me2day by writing, “Is everyone having a good day?  I’m spending some quality time with my family for the first time in a while.  The picture I’ve attached is from a photoshoot yesterday where I wore a hanbok.  Although I tried to give a femme fatale ‘Ssan Jin Yi [Hwang Jin Yi ,a famous Gisaeng]‘ feel, I came out looking a bit awkward.  Still, throwing this picture out there to spread awareness of our beautiful hanbok.”

Netizens commented, You look great in hanbok”, “So beautiful”, and “You’re very pretty in hanbok.”

2NE1 is currently preparing for their ‘NOLZA in Japan‘ tour on October 1st and 2nd.



Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver

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