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MBLAQ and A Pink will bring awareness to endangered animals through variety show

MBLAQ and A-Pink have been chosen for an upcoming KBS variety show. This show will highlight various endangered species by having the idols take care of endangered animals for about a month.

The program will help raise public consciousness towards the often dire situations of these endangered animals, which in turn will raise awareness for environmental causes. Lesser-known animals will be given a chance to shine; baby alligators are candidates for the featured species.

Although the show is to be situated in the competitive time slot of Saturday evenings, KBS hopes to attract viewers through the show’s unique concept.

This new environmentally focused show has a tentative debut date of November 12th.


Source: Star In and AbsoluteMBLAQ

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2PM adds two more dates to their Japanese tour

After achieving success in Korea with their latest Korean album, “Hands Up,” 2PM will be shifting their focus to Japan, with their first Japanese album, “REPUBLIC OF 2PM,” scheduled to be released on November 30th. In order to promote the release of the album, 2PM was scheduled to hold five concerts around Japan in December. However, due to the positive feedback received from fans, the group has decided to add two more dates to the tour!

2NE1’s Bom creates new Twitter account after being hacked

2NE1‘s Park Bom announces a change in her official Twitter acount, after revealing that the old one was hacked. Just a few hours ago, Bom made a new Twitter account in place of her old one, further revealing that someone changed the profile and password.

On her Twitter account’s new bio, Bom stated that, “itz real Bom… somebody changed ma info.. & password….T.T Hello everyone this is 2NE1′s Park Bom… Someone changed my password and information ㅠㅠ” She also sent a message to fellow Korean artists Se7en and Jay Park, informing them that her old Twitter account was hacked and confirms her new one.

Park Bom’s fans were also quick to send their comfort to Park Bom and immediately followed the new one. Some of which also continued informing other fans to follow the new account, to prevent any confusion.

Previously, JYJ‘s Jaejoong suffered the same fate after a previous attack on Twitter. However, he was able to retain his accoun with a warning that if it happens again, he will close it.


Follow 2NE1’s Park Bom on Twitter as @haroobomkum.

Source: @haroobomkum and WeLoveBom

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Music Video of Tomorrow by Tablo feat. Taeyang out November 1


[VIDEO] Block B at Match Up Special In Japan Episode 3

[ENGLISH SUBS] Match Up Special In Japan Ep. 3 (2/2)


Source : bontheblock

Super Junior’s Yesung looks like a prince in his latest selca

On October 29th, Super Junior‘s Yesung shared a princely selca that showed off his handsome looks.

He tweeted, When I’m bored, I stare off into space in a daze.”

With his eye makeup and high-collared jacket, Yesung looks like he’s modelling for a fashion shoot, rather than staring off into space. Fans are raving over how he looks like a pretty boy that’s jumped straight out of a comic book.

Netizens commented, “Is he filming something? His black jacket matches him so well”, “His beauty… no words”, and “Please continue to share pictures on your whereabouts!”



Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

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2NE1′s Minzy covers Chrisette Michele’s ‘What You Do’

2NE1‘s youngest member Minzy isn’t shy when it comes to revealing her dancing talents to all of her fans. Now, she’s taking things a step further as she’s now doing covers.