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Taeyang & Jay Park Twitter Updates (110929)

JAYBUMOAM: Am I an idol right now?~ Ke I want to be just Park JaeBum though~ 
(retweeted by Taeyang)
JAYBUMOAM: @Realtaeyang appreciate the retweet!!~ You’re great~ ke RESPECT~
Realtaeyang: @JAYBUMOAM yo hyung! I respect you a lot!!:) kk I didn’t retweet you by mistake~! Being in jaypark!! Awsome!
JAYBUMAOM: @realtaeyang that’s wassup that means a lot~ I hear you’re doing some good work right now, I’ll look forward to it!! Ke keep doin ur thang ~

Credits: @Realtaeyang, @JaybumAOM
Translation: Sara @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff

Shared by sfuza_14 @ bigbangupdates.com

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