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Se7en, T.O.P, Seungri visit G-Dragon at North Face shoot

G-Dragon’s schedule for a photo shoot went ahead as planned despite his recent scandal of smoking marijuana while in Japan. Apparently, there has been false information on the cancellation of his shoot with “The North Face” as he proceeded with the schedule as planned.

According to reports, the shoot finished by six in the evening and they immediately left the scene with care. YG Entertainment provided security as their vans blocked the front entrance of the area while G-Dragon went out at the back exit.

G-Dragon’s friends from YG Entertainment also paid a visit to support him on the ongoing turmoil. It was noted that Se7en, Big Bang’s TOP and Seungri as well as stylist Yang Seungho stayed with G-Dragon for the whole duration of the shoot.

One of the staff present in the shoot remarked that Se7en is like a brother to G-dragon and was revealed to have been able to brighten up the star with his visit. However, Yang Hyunsuk and other agency officials weren’t able to visit.

News source: Dispatch via Nate, Koreaboo

Shared by Vic @ bigbangupdates.com

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