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MBLAQ’s Mir sends a message to his fans + explains why he will temporarily stop Twitter

MBLAQ‘s Mir sparked worry from his fans a while ago after he revealed that he will temporarily stop updating his Twitter account, along with other internet monitoring.

Earlier today, Mir posted a Twitter update saying, “Shortly, we will stop everything, good luck.”, confusing the fans on what it meant. However, to clear things out, Mir updated his official homepage with a long message dedicated to his fans.

At the beginning of his update, Mir apologized to everyone for worrying his fans when he mentioned that he will stop everything via Twitter today. He went on to reveal that, “I become weak to myself endlessly, I don’t know why but the world go well except me, and I feel I’m left alone.”

He also explained that when he was training to become an idol, he had a thought that if he became a singer, he wouldn’t have the hard work and agony. However, Rain told him that he would be happier during their training and this made him realize that Rain was right. Mir also went on to state that, “After your debut, it would really be so hard and need to think a lot because of one thing and another. So, you must learn how to overcome those things for yourself.”

Mir went on to reveal that he usually checks the internet to get consolation from his fans, as he got tired and lost his confidence, but he ended up with more of it. So he decided to stop everything for a while. He confessed that although he reads a lot of input from his fans who care and love for him, he also couldn’t avoid to read through the bad comments made against him.

As he monitored their performances, comments and updates, Mir stated that he saw many posts about why MBLAQ wasn’t popular and revealed that he truly misinterpreted the posts. However, he admitted that despite the troubles and errors, he recognized that the most important thing was how well he did it for himself.

By the end of his long update, Mir promised everyone that he will work harder than his past efforts, because the upcoming album will be important. Also promising that after working hard, he will return to his fans with a smile on his face.

Mir closed the message with the statement, “Please cheer us and look forward to MBLAQ a lot,,^^”

What do you think of Mir’s update?


Source: @BangMir, MBLAQ’s Cafe and AbsoluteMBLAQ (1),(2)

by ohgelie @ koreaboo.com

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