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Boyfriend reveals their tips on how to tell twins Youngmin and Kwangmin apart

Boyfriend is known for being one of the few groups in K-Pop that has twin brothers. Although it’s easy to tell the twins apart by their hairstyles, what would happen if they wore a hat? The members gave some pointers on how to differentiate between Youngmin and Kwangmin.

They began, “You can tell Youngmin and Kwangmin apart without relying on their hairstyles alone.Hyunsung continued, “Kwangmin has a longer jawline while Youngmin’s is softer and more feminine.”

Leader Donghyun added, “They have different personalities as well. Youngmin is easy-going and smooth, while Kwangmin is masculine. Kwangmin is like the hyung, but at the end of the day, Youngmin steps up as the real hyung when he has to.”

Reminiscing back to the first time he saw them, Donghyun stated, “I was with the twins when we were training, but I didn’t know they were twins at first. They had different hair colors then as well. Our training rooms are divided into room ‘A’ and room ‘B’ and I remember being shocked to see the same kid in two different rooms. I thought I had seen an illusion.”

He continued, “I sometimes wonder how fortunate Youngmin and Kwangmin are to be able to tell each other everything. No matter how close we are as members, it isn’t easy to bring up personal thoughts.”


Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

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