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Hyunbin at TNI Celebration, Indonesia

Exclusively from Indonesia’s number one online portal, Detikhot has captured Kim Tae-pyong’s (Hyunbin) visit to Indonesia for the celebration of TNI  – The National Army of Indonesia‘s anniversary. As a marine sergeant along with his four other fellow armies, he came to show support being invited to the event.

He also spoke to one of the Indonesian divas, Syahrini, where they exchange a light conversation on stage in succinct, in Indonesian! She commented, “He said he was pretty nervous, but he actually managed to say Indonesian in quite a perfect sentence.”

You can see numerous of fans have gathered to the venue outside of the capital city, Jakarta. Hyunbin and the Korean wave is truly sweeping all over the space! It was good for him to get an amazing response in Indonesia on 5 October, 2011.



Photo Source  Detikhot

Posted By : lovehallyuwood / Associate Writer @ korea.com

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