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Kim Ha Neul and T.O.P to become a couple for new drama, ‘Absolute Boyfriend’

Actress Kim Ha Neul and Big Bang‘s T.O.P have been cast to play the role of a couple in a new drama called ‘Absolutely Him’.

On October 18th, a source revealed that Kim Ha Neul and T.O.P were confirmed as the lead roles of a new drama, currently scheduled to be aired next March.

‘Absolutely Him’ is a romantic comedy that’s been adapted from a popular Japanese comic. The story features an imaginative story of a woman who orders an android boyfriend to fit her ideal type.

‘Absolutely Him’ has already been adapted into Japanese and Taiwanese dramas under the title, ‘Absolute Boyfriend‘. Both series gained immense popularity, and so the pressure’s on for Korea to do the same. Many are wondering how successfully the story will be translated, and who will join the cast.

The Korean pairing is bringing in strong interest, as T.O.P.’s romantic transformation is one that viewers have seen little of outside of his music videos. Additionally, Kim Ha Neul will continue her streak of being paired up with younger males for major movies (previously, she had teamed up with Yoo Seung Ho in the movie ‘Blind’ and Jang Geun Suk in ‘You are My Pet’).


Source + Photo: Star News, Daum

by carolicity @ allkpop


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