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Seungri’s Magic…….. ::::Chan Chan::::.


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Jay Park will reproduce hit songs in 1990s.

Singer Jay Park will reproduce a variety of  hit songs in 1990s.

On November 3, Jay will attend the awards ceremony for ”2011 Style Icon Awards” at Sang Am Dong and perform the hit songs.

He will perform lots of hit songs of the Korean pops in 1990s such as Kim sung Jae’s So to speak, Steve Yoo’s Compassion, Clon‘s Come Back, and more. Jay will perfectly reproduce the dance moves of the songs and show the participants his special performance.

Also,at the event, he will perform with a surprise guest and his new song “Girl Friend” will be unveiled on air for the first time.


SHINee Shuts Down UK’s Largest Theater Chain’s Server

SHINee proved their tremendous popularity once again by crashing UK’s largest theater chain’s reservation system server.

SHINee will hold a gala concert after being invited to give an opening performance for “The 6th London Korean Film Festival” at the Odeon West End. This makes SHINee the first Korean idol to hold a solo concert in London.

SHINee has already performed at the Abbey Road Studios in June, making history as the first Asian artists to perform there, but it was intended for media and music officials and held in private. Since this upcoming performance is SHINee’s first solo gala concert in London open to fans, competition for tickets was expected.

As soon as ticket sales began for this concert on October 27, Britain’s largest theater chain Odeon’s reservation system went down for five hours because it was overwhelmed by the thousands of fans who were trying to buy tickets.


[VIDEO] T.O.P’s “Brooklyn Boy” Behind-the-Scenes and Interview on Style Magazine

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F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki and B2ST’s Junhyung pose together

F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki and B2ST‘s Junhyung showed their friendship in a photo.

On October 29th, Hongki tweeted, Now is the time to eat sullungtang [beef bone soup].

In the picture, Hongki covers part of his face with a hat, while Junghyung showed a softer side of his beauty.

The two, along with Super Junior‘s Heechul and Leeteuk, Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu, Supreme Team‘s Simon D, compose of the ‘Chocoball‘ group. Not only do the members meet for their activities, but they also are close friends as they meet during their free times.


2NE1′s Sandara Park supports Jung Il Woo’s new drama

2NE1‘s Sandara Park revealed her friendship with actor Jung Il Woo.

On October 30th, she posted on her me2day, “Jung Il Woo is my flower boy friend as I introduce Jung Il Woo! We’ve become crazy! He seems to be preparing a ramyun store! I want to eat yum yum yum ramyun! Everyone, have a good day!

With her comment Dara uploaded the poster for Jung Il Woo’s character in tvN‘s drama, ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop‘. Dara posted the photo before its October 31st premier to help promote it.

Netizens replied with, Hope your friendship continues and I’m envious that you’re Jung Il Woo’s friend.


Source: TV Daily via Nate

Block B celebrates their 200th day since debut

Time has flown fast since the first rush of debuts made their emergence in April. On October 30th, Block B celebrated their 200th day since debut with a celebratory cake from their fans.

Kyung posted on his Twitter, “Our 200th day since debut. Thank you!” The boys are currently busily working day in and night out in preparation for their upcoming album, which is tentatively scheduled for January 8th (or earlier).

As they’re known for being self-producing idols, the album is the work of the group’s producers, Zico and Kyung. The group also recently went on a family special on MBC‘s ‘Starry Night‘ with their Brand New Stardom family, Cho PD and Jung Seul Gi.

Check out some performances from the special below!