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Taeyang talks about working with Tablo on “Tomorrow”

From Mnet:

Q: How did you end up featuring in Part 2’s title song “Tomorrow”?
TY: This song was recorded the first day Tablo-hyung came to YG. He let me listen to the song and suggested that it would be great if I featured on it. And I liked the song so much that we began recording immediately that day.

Q: Have you always been acquainted with Tablo?
TY: This was the first time working on music together, but I was aware that he had talked about me on broadcasts now and then when he was with Epik High. And I really like Epik High, too. I’m really happy that we’re in the same company now.

Q: Can you briefly introduce the meaning of the song ‘Tomorrow”?
TY: “Tomorrow” is about mourning the break up with a lover, saying “there is no tomorrow” until she returns. Being unable to move on from that moment and space, waiting for her to return.

Q: Now that you’ve done this, do you have plans to ask Tablo to feature in your next album?
TY: I can’t say anything specific yet, but I’ve been working on a lot of things with Tablo-hyung for the solo album I’m currently preparing. [We’re/I’m] working hard to produce good material, so please wait for it.

Q: And any last message?
TY: Tablo-hyung’s first solo album has finally come out. I’ve been listening to it every day, too, and it’s full of great songs. Tablo-hyung has returned with music after such a long time, and I hope you will all support him. And please listen often to the song I featured in, “Tomorrow,” too. Thank you.

From Cyworld:

Q: This is your first collaboration with Tablo. A lot of people have been looking forward to it – how did you end up working together?
TY: Actually, this collaboration on “Tomorrow” happened very suddenly. The day Tablo hyung came to YG for the first time, I was in the studio as always. Hyung let me listen to this song and suggested that it would be great if I featured on it. It was a really good song, and I thought it would be a cool project, so I recorded it immediately, right then.

Q: What was the feeling you got when you first heard “Tomorrow’? What kind of emotion did you try to sing with?
TY: The message I got from this song was one of despair, that “there is no tomorrow for me without you.” I tried to express that.

Q: What kind of work would you like to do with Tablo from here on?
TY: I’m working with Tablo hyung in a lot of directions/areas for the solo album that I’ve been preparing since the middle of the year. I can’t say anything in detail yet, but we share a lot of conversations about music. I think it’s going to be an important/precious relationship for me musically.

From Tablo’s “notebook” on Cyworld:

“Ever since I first heard “Look At Only Me,” I dreamed of working with him on a song that I made. I felt a great surprise and gratefulness, and happiness, when the voice I like sang the melody and lyrics I had composed. I felt and learned a lot while working with Young Bae. More than anything… The way he would take time [out of his own schedule] to re-record even after I had already given an “okay” that it was good/complete. The way he would treat it as if it were his own song, working toward perfection. And the way he had such a pure, child-like love and joy for the process of making music. I was very moved, to the point of feeling embarrassed, thinking back to how I was full of pride and at times lazy.”

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