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TRAX to reveal new mini-album on the 10th

A sudden announcement was made last week when it was revealed that TRAX would be making their comeback, as updated on their official website under SM Entertainment. More information has been released regarding their impending comeback.

Last year in September, TRAX returned with the mini-album “Oh My Goddess” and a year and 2 months later, they will be returning with their 3rd mini-album “Window.”

The group’s two members, Jungmo and Jay, will be promoting the new mini-album through individual activities via television, radio, and other variety programs, in addition to attending music programs.

Jay has been busy in the past year with various acting roles in dramas such as KBS2 “The President” and KBS1 “The Women of Our Home.” Jungmo participated in a special project group with Super Junior’s Heechul, M&D, showing off his versatile music abilities, and will also be featuring in the musical, “Fame.”


CNBLUE and FTISLAND to expand to Europe with concerts early 2012

It’s been recently revealed that FNC Music‘s rock band will be coming to Europe early next year. With concerts to be expected in the UK and France, FNC Music’s CEO Han Sungho showed his confidence that his company’s bands will do well. “Although there is pressure to extend our career overseas, right into the home of band music, on the other hand, I actually did expect this could happen. When I look at members who already had previous experience, I am confident that Korean band music is not at all behind the world-class standard.”

These opportunities were created through M-Live, a concert produced by CJ E&M and which will bring not only solo concerts but also joint concerts to Europe. Since the biggest chunk of today’s Hallyu consists out of pop groups, CJ E&M’s Ahn Seokjun stated that they plan to introduce various genres and groups.

The press conference which was held surrounding the plans and concert series also included six different music companies such as Cube Entertainment, Star Empire (ZE:A, Jewelry), Amoeba Culture (Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team), Jungle Entertainment (Drunken Tiger, Leessang, Tasha/Yoon Mirae), FNC Music and J.Tune (MBLAQ).


Source: daum and cnbluestorm

by TwistedInsanity @ Koreaboo

GD&TOP mentioned in Pitchfork article about K-Pop




“Rapper G-Dragon is apparently fluent in multiple languages, and the sticky English hooks he sometimes tosses into his verses offer tantalizing hints at a full-scale crossover. In this outlandishly cool, Missy Elliott-style video, he’s paired with frequent collaborator and fellow Big Bang member TOP. See also: “Tonight” by Big Bang and “High High” by GD&TOP.”

Read full article here

*Pitchfork is well-known for their music reviews and commentary, and their annual Pitchfork Music Festivals.


Daesung talks about his faith & G-Dragon in latest interview

Big Bang‘s Daesung finally broke his silence through an in-depth interview conducted by his church, Champyungan. It’s been difficult for anyone to get an interview since his scandal broke out, but his church managed to convince him after they said, We don’t think interviews happen because people want them to happen. They will happen when God decides the timing is right.

Mulling over these words, Daesung agreed, saying “I’ll do it“.

Check out his interview below:



JYJ’s Jaejoong gets voted as the #1 “undeniable celebrity”

Some celebrities develop their star quality, while others are born with it. Knowing this, community portal site DC Inside polled its users from October 25th to November 1st on the question, If they weren’t celebrities, what would they be doing now? Who is most undeniably a celebrity?

Out of 13,175 votes, 36.5% (or 4,811 votes) named JYJ‘s Jaejoong as the #1 celebrity who was born to become a star. Netizens explained that they believed Jaejoong’s statuesque features and strong musical talents gave him a natural star quality.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong came in second place with 19.9%. His ‘prince-like’ looks and 4D-personality made many users feel that he possessed a deadly combination of looks and charm.

Finally, Rain placed third with 8.4%. His star quality was defined by hard work, as he dedicated endless hours to perfect his skills and his stage presence, which now receives praise everywhere he goes.


F.CUZ to add a new member to current trio

Ever wondered what happened to F.CUZ after member LeeU pulled out in August?

With LeeU gone, the other members (Jinon, Kan, and Yejun) are currently promoting in Japan as a trio.

Their agency stated, “The members have been in Japan for the past 3 months and are currently in the midst of promotions… After LeeU left, F.CUZ continued their promotions in the format of a three-member unit on radio, TV, and live performances.”

F.CUZ released their first Japanese single ‘Never Let You Go’ in August, and held two fan meetings called ‘Last Forever’. With their debut song, F.CUZ was able to reach 3rd on the Oricon daily chart, and they hope to do just as well with their new Japanese single, scheduled to be released in December.


‘United Cube Concert’ confirmed for Brazil!

South American fans will be delighted to hear that 4minute, B2ST, and G.NA will soon be touching down at Brazil.

Cube Entertainment revealed on November 2nd that the ‘United Cube Concert‘ will be making history by holding the highly anticipated event in South America.

Cube Entertainment has joined hands with CJ E&M, and plans to hold the concert at Sao Paulo, Brazil at the ‘Espaço das Americas, Sao Paulo’ on December 13th.

The concert tour kicked off earlier in Japan during August and brought in 10,000 spectators, and will be followed by London on December 6th (Korean time, December 5th in England).


SNSD’s Jessica wants to get in contact with which male celebrity?

On the continuation of the 100th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, SNSD‘s Jessica was asked which celebrity she wanted to receive a call from.

Jessica truthfully responded she wanted to meet none other than actor Daniel Henney. She added that she has never meet him in person but that SNSD had received an invitation for a movie premiere before.

She also sadly replied that she didn’t know his contact information and even though some of the SNSD members are close with Daniel Hanney’s manager they won’t connect them.

Maybe Daniel Henney will watch this episode of ‘Strong Heart’ and make Jessica’s dreams come true by contacting her.


SM artists likely to be in attendance at ’2011 MAMA’ for the first time in years

Mnet‘s annual award show Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held a press conference earlier today at the Seoul Sangamdong CGV Theater. Parent company CJ E&M‘s lead director stated at the conference, Relations between Mnet and SM Entertainment were recently mended and SM artists have returned making appearances on many Mnet programs.”

The two companies have been working out their differences over the past few years but have only recently shown real progress, with SNSD‘s recurring performances on M! Countdown as well as on Wide News and other live programs.

CJ E&M director Shin Hyung Gwan also noted, We can say that MAMA is not an award show for certain entertainment companies but more of a festival to support the artists who are the most active.”

’2011 MAMA’ will be held on November 29th at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.


Source: Joy News 24 via Naver

Super Junior’s Leeteuk admits that he had a crush on labelmate Dana

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk revealed on the November 1st episode of Strong Heart that he once had a crush on label-mate Dana.

He shared, She was so thoughtful and considerate. I honestly, really liked her. She was the first person I liked after joining SM Entertainment.”

He further explained, So, being a man, I told her exactly how I felt and told her that I wanted to date her. I thought because I had confessed my feelings for her, we were now an official couple. At least, thats what I thought… The next day I get to the office and people kept telling me that Dana had a boyfriend. I remember thinking to myself, ‘but I’m her boyfriend’… The management staff heard about what had happened, and they told me not to come to the office anymore. I had just started, and Dana was already preparing for her debut. I had to write five pages explaining my actions to the agency, promising to channel that drive and passion towards practicing to become the best.”

After he was done sharing his story, Dana surprised by his remarks, commented, I didn’t know they told him to leave or that he had to write a five page letter of apology.”


Source & Image : Newsen via Nate, ETO