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U-Kiss reveals tracklist for debut Japanese single “Tick Tack”

While news about U-Kiss’s official Japanese debut was already revealed a while ago, the group’s Japanese label has now officially released the contents of the single’s different versions.

Beginning with the CD version, which will include two tracks and its instrumentals; a CD+DVD and Mumo version will also be released. The limited version of the CD only release includes a bonus track, “0330-Piano & Chorus ver.-“.

The CD+DVD version includes an extra DVD with the track’s music video, as well as a making of in the CD+DVD limited release. “Tick Tack”‘s Mumo version will only include the main two tracks, but will have an original Mumo cover. Mumo’s limited release will included one out of seven autographed cards.

U-Kiss’s debut single “Tick Tack” will be released on December 14th. The collaboration of members Eli and Kevin with Japanese singer JAMOSA will be revealed on week earlier, on December 7th.

Rookie Vocal Group BoM Prepares for Comeback

Four member rookie vocal group BoM made their debut earlier this year with crisp white suits and a fresh ballad style that had fans swooning all summer long. After a brief hiatus of a few months, the group has revealed that they will be making their return this month with a new mini-album and a new member in tow.

“We decided to change the members because vocalist Raewon had to leave the group for personal reasons. A new member named Jisoo has joined to take his place. This decision was made during their album production because he revealed that he wanted to study a bit more. We accepted his decision,” officials of BoM’s agency revealed on November 4.

Their new title track, “Heart Heart,” was composed by a group of rookie composers that studied overseas named 2n2. The medium-tempo song was chosen from a survey they held with teens, asking them to choose a title track between five songs they had recorded.

“They’ve been working day in and day out for this album to show everything they couldn’t show in their first single album. The five tracks are all worthy of being title tracks. Their title track is a ballad but there is some dancing involved, so I think you can all look forward to it.”


TRAX’s Jungmo Composed the Title Track “Window” for Upcoming Comeback

Rock group TRAX just revealed that they will release their third mini-album, “Window” on November 10. The title track is a sad rock ballad of the same name, “Window.”

According to an announcement from SM Entertainment, “Window” is medium-tempo rock ballad that harmonizes a sweet melody and hard sound. It is expected to draw the attention of music fans with the gentle mood of the season.

“Window” is composed by the member Jungmo who has already shown good composing skills in the previous release “Let You Go” and his project duo M&D‘s “Close Ur Mouth.” “Window” will show TRAX’s deeper sensibility and the color of their music.

Lyricist Misfit and TRAX collaborated on the words for “Window,” which is used in the song as a metaphor. It represents the emotions and describes feelings of someone who cannot recognize the love that is, in fact, just very close.


Singers students want to see the most after the college entrance exam

Music portal site Monkey3 held an online survey from October 27th through November 2nd asking students, “Which singer do you want to see the most after the college entrance exam?”

SNSD won first place by receiving 57% of the votes, or 290 votes out of 510. INFINITE came in second with 14% of the total votes, while Big Bang grabbed 3rd with 13%. They were followed by IU (12%), SECRET(3%), and UV(2%).


Source: Naver, allkpop

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T.O.P’s Interview from 1st Look Magazine (Volume 8)

[Cover Story] Rebel Without A Cause

I’ve never thought that I’m a sexy person…rather that I’m cute? (laughs). Even though I’m the same person on and off stage but sometimes I transform into someone that I want to be when I sing.”

Even though he uses his charisma to control the stage, and have fun with his members through his mischievous ways, but he is different from other people. He always gives the impression that he’s floating mid air, as if he’s not part of reality. People are automatically drawn to him by his gaze and the way he carries himself.

It’s because I have a lot of ideas, isn’t it?Actually, I feel the most comfortable when I’m alone but I’m always with the members when BIGBANG have activities, or surrounded by all the staff when I’m shooting for a movie. I was uncomfortable being around so many people previously, but my heart’s at ease now. I can accept it now.


Jay Park to help produce a new idol group

Jay Park can now add ‘idol group producer’ to his long list of achievements, as it’s just been announced that he’ll be helping with developing a group through jTBC‘s ‘Made In U’.

Jay Park will be teaming up with the famous producer, Rob Knox (who’s worked with world-famous artists like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Britney Spears) to form a new idol group. He’ll be taking an active role by participating in all aspects of the process from production to choreography. He’s been making several trips back and forth between Korea and L.A. to meet with Rob Knox, who’ll be producing the song that will be sung during the final round of the show.

‘Made in U’ is a large-scale audition program that will be offering an unprecedented prize of $1 million, and aims to form a new idol group with a global appeal.

The show will be aired starting in December, and is currently recruiting potential contestants through their homepage.


Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate

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F.T. Island’s former member, Oh Won Bin, will appear in sitcom

Former F.T. Island member, Oh Won Bin, was cast in MBN‘s sitcom, ‘I Go Crazy Because of You‘.

The 120-episode sitcom will also see acting from Lee Soo Kyung, Yoo In Young, Cha Hwa Yeon, Lee Hwi Hyang, and Kang Nam Gil. Oh Won Bin will act as a high school graduate and wannabe singer who has an optimistic mind, despite suffering through many hardships as he moves to Seoul.

This won’t be Won Bin’s first acting project, as he previous appeared in MBC‘s ‘You’ve Fallen for Me‘. He’s also slated to begin his musical performance in ’The Three Musketeers‘, which will have its first show on November 8th.

Oh Won Bin stated, I will show my acting through the musical and the sitcom, ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’. Although I am very nervous, I will practice hard. I will work hard to show good acting.”