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Lee Hong Ki reveals half of his sister

Rock Band F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki reveals his beautiful sister to the world.

Lee Hong Ki tweeted on the 6th, “This was the day my baby sister bought me chicken after she got her monthly salary. But I wonder if we really had to cover half our cheeks” and he revealed the photo above.

The two siblings can be seen doing a cute pose for the selca. Half the face of the sister is cut out from the frame, so she can’t be seen all that clearly, but even from the unclear photo she looks very pretty.

After seeing Lee Hong Ki’s sister the netizens commented, “You can tell she’s pretty even from that shot”, “Superior DNA family”, “It would be so awesome to have a brother like Hong Ki”, and so on.


Source: TV Report via Nate

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Leeteuk plays an extra in Kang So Ra’s drama

Super Junior’s Leeteuk appears on wife Kang So Ra‘s drama as an extra.

Leeteuk visited the set of wife Kang So Ra’s drama on the episode of MBC ‘We Got Married’ aired on the 5th.

Leeteuk brought beverages for the filming crews on the set, he put couple sticker photos on each bottle before distributing them to the crews. He even helped out the filming a little by appearing as a passerby in one of the scenes. It was an Oscar worthy performance, joke.

It wasn’t all happy and jolly though. Leeteuk seemed quite jealous of the actor Choi Min, starring opposite Kang So Ra in the drama and the tension was felt strongly when the two men shook hands for the first time. Leeteuk gave Choi Min their wedding invitation card to make him jealous and it was a very cute scene to watch.


Image: MBC ‘We Got Married’
Source: Money Today via Nate

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Pledis CEO divulges his plans to debut two new groups in 2012 during recent interview

Pledis Entertainment is well-known for being host to superstar artists Son Dambi, After School, and Orange Caramel. The CEO of this distinguished company, Han Sungsoo, recently took part in an interview. Han Sungsoo spoke about his background in entertainment, the motivation behind the concepts of Pledis, and his plans for the next groups that are to debut under the company in the upcoming year.

Han Sungsoo’s experience in the art of dance may be a part of the reason why After School has taken on such unique dance concepts throughout their career. From a drum line setup in 2010 to their most recent tap dance routine, After School has received much praise for their distinctive dance numbers.

In the interview, Han Sungsoo mentioned, “In fact, I am a former dancer. In college I majored in dance, and was a part of the National Dance Company of South Korea.” He has also worked for SM Entertainment in the past. Revealing his formula for success, Han Sungsoo declared that good music and dance routines stem from “expressiveness, power, and being equally sexy.”

After the debut of Orange Caramel came the debut of AS Red and AS Blue. All three are subgroups of After School, created to help “individually display each member’s jewel-like charm,” in the words of Pledis’s CEO Han Sungsoo.

Park Jung Min to Perform at the “H-Artistry Party” in Malaysia

Park Jung Min will be one of the international artists to attend the H-Artistry “The Global Art of Mixing” party of 2011. It will be descending upon the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) at Mines Resort City on Nov. 12, 2011.


Super Junior topping poll for 2011 Melon Awards

The preliminary round of votes for the 2011 Melon Music Awards is currently taking place online, and idol group Super Junior is currently enjoying the view from the top spot.

The voting began on October 27th, and Super Junior seized 18% of all votes and is currently at #1, followed by B2ST who seized 17% of the votes, and TVXQ who seized 13% of all votes.

The boys of INFINITE are impressively in the fourth place position, earning 10% of all votes, beating out the boys of 2PM who came in at fifth place with 6% of all votes. Also rounding out the top ten were f(x), Big Bang, IU, CNBLUE, and 4Men in that order.

The preliminary round of the online votes continues on for another two days, and therefore the results are subject to change and the end results may look completely different from the current situation.


Rookie group TAKEN handling their own marketing and publicity

Six-member rookie group TAKEN is gaining more and more interest from the public, as they are extremely involved in the logistics of their own debut as well as their promotions.

The group who has released their mini-album ‘Only One Taken‘ on the 3rd consists of six members Sungwon, Daon, Taehyuk, Seungyeol, Gunwoo, and Yoojoon. Their agency put the members together, but they left everything else to the boys. The members themselves came up with the name ‘TAKEN’, meaning they will steal the focus and hearts of not only their fans but the entire public.

The boys decided on their debut song “Young Boy” as well as follow-up tracks “Only You” and “Hold Up” without any help nor intervention from their staff management. They chose these songs because they felt that they would best showcase their musical talents, and poured all their heart and sweat into recording this album.

Their agency stated, “TAKEN is different from most idol groups as they don’t take any direction from the agency. We have given them the freedom to perform the kind of music that they desire, and we will not be meddling with their plans. They have come up with their own group name, as well as their concept, their songs for the album, and much more. They are without a doubt unique and will be expressing their individual colors.”


CNBLUE to hold ‘Encore Bluestorm’ concert

CNBLUE has announced that they’ll be holding their ‘Encore Bluestorm’ concert on December 10th and 11th at the Seoul Olympic Park.

FNC Music revealed, “This concert will be held for the fans in Korea who’ve been requesting an encore concert… The CNBLUE members are currently practicing in order to show fans their various sides.”

After debuting with a major label in Japan in October, CNBLUE reached #4 on the Oricon Chart and sold over 70,000 copies of their album within one week. They also had 7,000 fans also show up at their guerrilla concert, which resulted in the concert being shut down due to safety issues.

Prior to the encore concert, the boys will be kicking off their Asia tour in Thailand on November 19th.


Source + Photo: Donga via Naver